According to the new statistic, around 79 per cent US consumers shopped online in 2017. This number indicates that the e-commerce market is booming day by day. So, why your website is not getting enough traffic and clicks?  I think it is time to implement new and effective SEO techniques to optimize your e-commerce category pages.

Understand SEO of E-Commerce Category Pages


The category is a part of your site navigation menu which allow visitors to search and filter for the product they want to see or visit. The category can be useful for the SEO as it possible to optimize each category page to rank higher on the search engine result pages. This method is a way to easier than working on specific products keywords and make them rank. To avoid any confusion, let’s take an example: – Suppose you run a clothing store in the market. Now customers are a very unlikely search for specific brand t-shirts but if you analyse closely they are the most likely search for the t-shirt only. So, what is more, beneficial in this scenario? Targeting only t-shirt brands or t-shirt category? Well, I think you can answer this question by yourself.

Tips to SEO E-commerce Category Pages

Before you ask how you can optimize E-commerce category pages let me tell you two important things first category pages make easier to find products for the new visitor and second they can position your e-commerce website in a better way.


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Optimizing Category pages will surely bring more traffic to the website and increase the ranking side by side. Now, let’s learn to optimize SEO E-commerce category pages with e-commerce development service.

  • Start with the Category URLs

    You can start e-commerce SEO by optimizing category URLs. As explained in the previous posts every category URL should exactly describe what your page is selling without any unnecessary information. For instance: – if you are selling women’s shoes then, your category URL should be like So, just try to keep your URL short, to the point to make sure customers can predict from the URL what the category is all about.

  • Optimize your Category titles

    Your category titles are the best way to inform Google about your page and content mentioned in it. Well there are certain things one should keep in mind while optimizing category page titles such as: The result you have gathered through your keyword research will allow you to come up with the keywords you can use in your page title. You can start your title with the keyword and then add the brand name in the middle or end. You can also use some specific characters in the title. For example- if you are selling the black boots and have a category page on it then, you can reflect in the title like My Shoe Shop- heavy discount on the black boots.

  • Optimize your Category Meta Descriptions

    Another way to optimize your e-commerce category pages to work on the Meta Descriptions as they may not have an impact on the on-page search engine optimization service but they surely play an important role in getting higher CTR.

Apart from the above, there are few more ways to optimize E-Commerce category pages. If you want to know further then, visit Qdexi Technology today!