A redirect is a process that forwards the one URL to a different URL. In simple words, the redirection is the way to send users to a different URL from the one they have originally requested. Redirecting the one URL to other is the common practice of search engine optimization. At the same time, it is crucial to observe the best practice of redirection of the link to maintain SEO value.

Most of the people think that it is difficult to reverse the 301 redirects as it can penalize the ranking of the website. But it is not true even though it is technically permanent; it would not affect the search engine optimization of the website if it is done properly. There are also chances that it might not work the way you wanted or it could make the situation even worse. Therefore, it is advisable then you should take the help of expert SEOs for this task. If you are looking for an SEO service provider company, then Qdexi Technology is the right option for you. The expert optimizers of this website can reverse 301 Redirect without making any impact on your rankings.

The Reversing of the 301 redirects can create fluctuations in your rankings but most of the time it gets normal quickly. So it is important to have a solid reason for undoing the 301 redirects, if it is not necessary then you must avoid doing it.

What are the Possible Scenario 301 Redirect Error?

Scenario 1: Single-page, full reserve: This is the most common scenario. Let’s assume that there are two pages the Page A and Page B. The Page A 301-redirects to page B and you want to reverse that. These are the basic steps for doing this:

  • Remove the 301-redirect from page A to B
  • Add a 301-redirect from Page B to A
  • Point the internal links again to Page A
  • Now just simply submit both pages to (GSC) Google Search Console

Scenario 2: Single Page, Keep Both
: If you want to reverse the redirect from Page A to Page B, but you want the Page B to stay. It is impossible to 301 redirect Page B to Page A. In this case Page B will be gone forever for both search engines as well as visitors. Mentioned below are the two possible conditions in this scenario:

If you want to keep the Page B available for search
: In this case, you must remove the 301 redirects from the pages. Then you can submit these pages again. The step for doing this are:

  • Remove the 301 redirects from Page A to B
  • Now add the self-referencing rel-canonicals (Page A to A and Page B to B)
  • Then submit these pages to Google Search Console (GSC)

If you want to hide the Page B from search: In this case, you can make you page B available for the visitor but your page will get disappeared from the search engines. You can do this by rel- canonical Page B to A. By doing so you can make your page visible but it would consolidate the ranking signals on the Page A. The simple step to do this are:

  • Remove 301 redirects from Page A to B.
  • Now add the rel- canonical from Page B to A.
  • Re-point the internal links of Page A and submit both pages to GSC.

There could be many other complicated scenarios of reversing the 301 redirects. You must consider getting expert help for this completing this task. Qdexi technology is a well-recognized company that provides SEO services in the USA. So if you want to optimize the ranking of your website in the search engines, this company is the right destination for you. They offer a wide range of digital marketing services at very reasonable prices. The solutions delivered by this website are always result-oriented. So do not wait and contact us now for more information.

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