A picture says the thousands of words and video says millions”- the Snapchat is the mobile application that stands true on this quote. In recent years, this photo and video sharing app has gained popularity among social media users who love to take and share photos and videos with their loved one. The growing popularity of the application has caught the eye of the millennials who are also suitable customers for many organisations.

Even though you fail to understand why the platform is so popular among the users, you can always use it to kick-start your business sales and revenue. Apart from being a sharing platform, Snapchat also works as a marketing tool that allows you to access customers you might not be able to reach otherwise. This blog is written to help marketers to promote their business across the Snapchat. Moreover, they can hire a social media marketing service provider to promote their brand on Snapchat.

Why You Should Use Snapchat?

Right before you argue on the fact how Snapchat is an unnecessary platform to market your business let’s spare a glance at the figures and facts. The Snapchat has around 150 million users that approximately shares 9000 snaps every second and the figure doesn’t end here! The platform also receives around 10 billion views every day that is a lot more for your own business.

These numbers are enough to show that Snapchat is becoming a platform that can be used for sales generation purposes. So, it is an opportunity for you to promote your business. Here is what you can do to expand your customer reach on the Snapchat.

The Best Practices to Market on the Snapchat

  • Post teasers and previews

Just like Instagram, videos and images don’t stay visible on the Snapchat for a long time period. Therefore, you need to compile your visual content to create teasers that can quickly stir the buzz. No matter, whether you are launching a new product or promoting an upcoming event your message can be spread through the audience in a blink of an eye.

  • Contests create the curiosity

Picture posting contest is one of the best ways to promote a product on the image sharing platform like Snapchat. You can offer exciting rewards to encourage Snapchat users to participate and post the picture of them using your product. You can also discount and promo codes for watching and sharing your stories.

  • Tell your story through storytelling

In this fast pacing world, nobody has enough time to spare a second glance at a picture yet they can spare a few seconds to listen to a story. You can take advantage of this by creating videos that give viewers an inside look of your business. You can showcase employees and the process behind the product. You can add your story in “my story” section and viewers can see it for 24 hours before it vanishes.

  • Live events

Most of the SMO marketing professionals providers in the UK create live events that are specially designed to target snapshot audience. You can add your virtual audience in everything right from the product promotion to event launch.

Big brands like Amazon, McDonald’s also take advantage of the Snapchat to promote their brand among social media users. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Qdexi Technology hire SMO services and begin your marketing journey at Snapchat.