WordPress, is no doubt one of the top content management system and this declaration is supported by the fact that right now 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress. All credit to its popularity goes to user-friendly interface and ability that allows users to create powerfully, featured filled, and high-performance websites. The list doesn’t end here! The platform offers a variety of plugins and themes that are easy to dwell with the brand. During its long journey, the WordPress has helped numerous organisations, brands and companies to establish their online presence. Last year in December, WordPress launched of the biggest update known as WordPress 5.0. This update took the entire WordPress development service world by storm.

Although the WordPress previously announced that they are going to make an update but nobody, expected it to be this massive. Those who were new to the WordPress website development framework were left confused without any explanation. They want to new what new features were brought with WordPress 5.0 and how they can prepare their blogs and website for this change.

The Objective of WordPress 5.0?

objective of WordPress 5.0

Unlike previous versions, the WordPress 5.0 not only aim to optimize the performance of the platform but also make it more accessible for new users. It might sound like playing a broken record but the WordPress 5.0 is surely going to impact everything right from the editor, plugins and themes. So, testing is not an option here!

WordPress 5.0 Will Change Everything

WordPress themes

We all have heard that the WordPress community was desperately waiting for the 5.0 but do we know why? What is so new about version 5.0 that differentiate it from the previous versions like 4.8 and 4.9?

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Rather surprising developers with minor improvements here and there the version 5.0 is focused on two things:

  • The Gutenberg update

One of the newest features of the WordPress 5.0 is the Gutenberg editor which aims towards creating and editing content in a much easier way compared to previous versions. Now after the update, users may not be able to easily access all the features but they can have the idea about what a new editor update can do. This will make the WordPress more reliable and user-friendly while helping WordPress users side by side to adjust to the update. Some of the most common features of Gutenberg update are: –

  • Now with blocks, users can add multimedia content with much ease.
  • Users can use more than 15 different blocks to create a post.
  • Gutenberg is built on the reacting
  • New opportunities for both developers and user

WordPress 5.0 also includes the twenty nineteen WordPress theme that is shipping with full Gutenberg support. The themes were designed to represent the true power of block editor. The themes feature custom styles for blocks. It can adopt on the wide range of websites including photo blog, launching a newly created WordPress website or running an e-commerce website, the twenty nineteen WordPress Themes make your website look great on all sizes.

There are several things you can do to prepare your website for this change like: –

  • Test out the new plugins.
  • Keep the backup of your content.

In the end, you can hire the CMS development framework service from Qdexi Technology to know more about the WordPress 5.0.