Have been around for so long? Then, there is a chance you may have more than one business page on Facebook. If you have more than one page then, it may be quite confusing for your potential customers as they don’t know where to stick. The duplicate page could be due to the person whom you have hired to create and maintain your Facebook but the person no longer work for you. In such a situation, you have two options first: you can claim duplicate page and second: you can merge that page with the new one. In case, if you find this too difficult then, you can hire a social media marketing service from an experienced company. In previous blog we have discussed how to claim duplicate Facebook pages and in the following blog post, we are going to explain how to merge two duplicate Facebook pages.

Reasons Why You Should Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages

Merge facebook pages

There are certain reasons why you should merge two duplicate Facebook pages.

  • To recover the admin’s rights you have lost due to the old pages.
  • You have profile page instead of a business page for your business.
  • Somebody else is trying to steal your business identity.
  • In the beginning, your Facebook page was not listed and you tried to create different pages for each location.
  • You wanted to change the name and created the new page with the new business name.
  • Things to keep in mind while merging two duplicate pages
  • In order to merge two Facebook pages, you must have admin rights of both pages.
  • Both of the pages must have similar names or should represent the same things.
  • Local pages must have the same address.
  • If there is no option to merge to Facebook pages then, your eligibility can be questioned. During such a situation, you can write to Facebook.

Things To Do Before Merging Two Duplicate Facebook Pages


It is always important to stay prepared as merging duplicate pages are quite explanatory but there are several issues you can resolve even before the merging process.

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So, I suggest you should start a month ago.

  • Before start merging duplicate pages find out how many are actually out there. You can perform a Facebook search to find out the total number.
  • Check for the place pages and start merging them first as such pages do not have much content.
  • Inform your audience that you are taking an action to merge pages.
  • Change the name of the pages to the same if possible. As Facebook will immediately improve the merge of pages with the same name.

The Process Of Merging Duplicate Facebook Pages

Merging Duplicate Facebook Pages

  • Go to the facebook.com/pages/merge.
  • Choose the two or more pages you like to merge.
  • Press the continuing process to move ahead.
  • After the above option, the Facebook will ask whether you want to continue or not if you wish to continue then, press keep page button.
  • Confirm the merge request
  • Lastly, you will get a message that merges request successful.

In case if the overall process sound tiring then, you can avail social media optimization service provider company for the task.