Marketing is one of the essential parts of the business, many entrepreneurs consider online business to increase recognizance of their product in the market place, for this, many digital marketing service provider concerns on adapting effective analytics and statistics to determine the conversion rate. They try to adopt a new method to calculate the Return on investment (ROI). If you have invested your money in lead generation, you can concern the revenue you received from it to change the earlier applied method. Moreover, optimization can also help you to understand the key process of generating leads to little investment. With this, you can also concern about differentiating the source of revenue. Then, you can easily calculate the exact method required to understand the process of lead generation.

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Strategies to Run Lead Generation Campaign

Lead Generation and Traditional Marketing: Businessperson is most likely to rely on lead generation campaign as a most effective strategy by avoiding traditional marketing techniques as they find it more interactive approach to reach the potential customers Content marketing, SEO, email marketing and PPC are most common methods utilized by B2B marketers to lead generation.

Importance of Lead Source: After obtaining the result of the performance scale on different marketing channels can help you to determine the approachable tactics to reach the desired customers. To find the revenue from different sources can allow you to adopt an effective strategy.

Marketing Approach: Market analytics can help you to determine the right or potential lead for your business. By accessing data from different sources can such as evaluation of earlier data and recognizing the current trends in the market can make an effective lead generation approach. As many marketers find it difficult to apply the right method Calculation of ROI will help you to consider the right lead for your campaign

 How to Measure ROI

The formula by which one can easily calculate the ROI is

Return on Investment (ROI) – revenue from the investment- the cost of investment/cost of investment

One needs to consider the time to create the page or the investment made in its creation, then the measure the advertisement and the time spent on promotion the landing page. it is all considered in the cost of investment. With this, assemble the revenue coming from the generated landing page. To calculate ROI the average sale growth can be subtracted from the sales growth since the campaign is considered.

With the help of marketing channels, past results and sales leads can allow you to better understand the entire ROI process. so you can easily understand the behavior of customers can generate quality leads for more revenue.

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