Marketing experts have predicted that by 2020, 50% of the online search will be done via voice search. So, here is the question, are you capable to survive through this huge change? Not only voice search is gaining popularity as a digital marketing trend for 2019 but the costumers’ purchase trends for smart speakers and voice controlled device are also rising.

Currently, voice search has crossed the threshold of early adaptors and gaining mileage with each passing moment. Users have started to realize that it is easier to speak with voice assistance rather than typing with it. Young generate are more inclined to use the latest technology but analytics found that people from all the age groups prefer to use voice search. These are enough to prove that voice search is not going anywhere for such a long time. So, let me repeat, is your website voice search friendly? If you are about to say “NO”, then the below post is just what you need.

How to Make Your Website Voice Search Friendly?

Make Your Website Voice Search Friendly

  • Optimize natural words over keywords

Search engine giants like Google have changed our search behaviour over a decade making it less natural. The Google prefer syntactical text for the searches which means rather than “suggest a summer vacation plan to Hawaii”, you need to type “Hawaii + vacation + plan” to get the suitable answers.

However, thanks to the voice search the team behind the voice assistance realized how they can use natural words process to extract search keywords.

This means professional digital marketing experts also need to make their website optimize for natural words so they can easily show-up on SERP for voice search.

  • Try to be less technical

There is no denial in that “content is the king” and being a part of SEO, content and copywriters often end up writing content that is not easy to grasp by an average reader and this is what needs to be changed with the voice search.

According to a recent survey; content that appears as a voice search result was written at the level that could easily be understood by a 9 grader. With the implementation of Google assistance, the search engine mammoth wants content provided by the websites to be more specific and easy to understand. This mean, if you want to appear on Google through voice search, then you need to ditch technical words and write using a simple language.

  • Join hands with Amazon

Of course, it is not something, users were not doing in past but the rise in the sale of Amazon Alexa devices save tiptoed the scale in favour of those who have joined hands with Amazon. This is essential if you are running an e-commerce website and dealing with hundreds of products on a day-to-day basis.

  • Use long term keywords

Optimizing long-term keywords is one of the best ways to prepare your website for ever-changing the world of voice search. There are basically two major benefits of using long-term keywords:

First: Most of the searches made through voice assistance are longer than the text searches and using long-term keywords can capture them.

Second: Using long-term keywords allow you to capture the Google snippets to keep you on the top of the search engine result pages.

While Voice searches approaches are quite difficult than traditional SEO but through the above strategies and the help of the best online marketing service provider in the USA you can properly optimize your website for voice search.