Finally, after months of hard work, you have created your new website. Now, all it takes is organic traffic to appear on the search result but how would you do it? Simple, with “Search engine traffic”.  After all, how could ignore the fact that around 50% of your website traffic comes from the search engine? So, no doubt, it is critical for the success of your website.

According to the survey, around 30% of the website traffic comes from the organic search while others claim that around 60% of the traffic comes from organic search. But the statistics don’t matter if your website is making zero appearance on the search result pages.

Now, blogs are the main source of organic traffic that your website has but the problem is it will work only if it is properly indexed? How do you do it with search engine giants like Google, Bing, and others? Well, you have two options, either; you can wait, wait and wait… and eventually, turn old.

Or you can do it now, giving you enough time to put more efforts to increase the conversion rate and social presence- promote the content you have created after so many efforts. Can’t tell about you but many would die to do it. Here are some search engine optimization tactics for blogs that will help you to get your website indexed quickly and easily.

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How to Index Your New Blogs Fast?

If you are still wondering how to index your website on Google fast, then this is what you need.

Start and End with Quality

Quality” is what Google seeks in the new content which makes it a very first step you need to take to get your blog indexed. How to bring quality factor in your content? In order to make your blog more qualitative, you need to conduct in-depth research about the topic to collect reliable information.

You cannot just search the topic, find an impressive reference and copy paste it to your website. That’s not going to work for your website. To bring authenticity, find a topic, conduct research to collect information and write it in your own way. While writing the blog, try to keep the word count at least 500+.

Start writing and posting quality content on your website and Google will be knocking at your door in no time.

Build Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks is another most preferred method to appear in front of Google as well as achieving a higher ranking on Google. Now from the term “quality backlinks” mean, we are talking about the DA and PA of the websites you are posting upon. Here are some of the best ways to build quality backlinks for your website;

  • Blog commenting
  • Guest posting
  • Forum sites
  • Write quality content on impressive topics and others will link to it

Make the Most Out of Social Media Platforms

Social media is a hub of opportunities for website owners. It is the place SEO experts can use to promote their new blogs. Here are some networking platforms you can use to promote your content:

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Google on the constant basis index these networking websites and the link to your post will be followed very quickly.

Once you are ready to rock with your new blog post, follow the above tips or better contact professional SEO service provider company to do it on your behalf.