Generally, it is way too difficult to get the eligible prospects access your iOS and Android applications. Even if you have reached to that point, there are many things further that you have to work on. When it comes to the mobile application, it is very necessary to keep customers engaged. You might have created the best application using Mobile application development services but what’s the point of having it when there is no one to use.

In this case, push notification on both the iOS and Android application can make things effective and fast. These notifications works best as they keep showing relevant information and updates to the users. We can say that push notifications are more effective as compared to the subscribed newsletter. Whether you have android application or iOS application, the push notification can be effective for them in so many ways. Further, in this blog, we will talk about the advantages and features of Push Notification on both Android and iOS application.

Why Push Notification are Important for Android and iOS Applications?

  • The push notification on Android and iOS application can be used for sending updates immediately.
  • This can also be used for stimulating engagement with users while raising the opt-in rate. This let users to get access to one-click subscription without any kind of issues.
  • Enables the better and quick advertising to attract users easily.
  • These notifications are short, simple, and only contains meaningful messages. This look very interactive and are very easy to understand. You can add rich image along with a simple and crispy message. It should be engaging enough to compel users to click on it.
  • The use of push notifications can also intensify the conversion rate on your application. It is because these notifications convey your message directly to the users within a moment. The users will only land on the relevant pages by clicking on the push notifications.

 Important Statistics about Push Notification you should know about

  • With the help of push notifications you can increase the customer response rates up to 300%. This also boosts the customer engagement rate by 88%.
  • More than 65% of users often return to application if the push notifications on android or iOS is enabled. The push notifications is also capable to increase the application retention rates by 3-10 times.
  • Around 48% of mobile app users consider making purchase after getting notified based on the kind of behavior, activity, and preferences. The average click rate that comes from the push notification is 10.3%.
  • Around 46% application users for push notification on iOS and on android devices.
  • Moreover, by sending at least one on-boarding relevant push notification to the new users within 2-3 days can boost the retention by 71%.

Concluding Thoughts

With all this information, you must have understood how valuable push notifications can be for the mobile application. If you are about to take native android application development services then keep your entire focus on the push notification feature.

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