Think about the last time you decided to go on a trip. After you land at your destination, checked into your hotel what would you do next? Yes, you will take your backpack and start to explore the locality but how would you decide where to go? Of course, Google is here with a never-ending list of local restaurants and other services. But how do you define which one is a good spot?

Yes, and just like 75% of the modern-day internet user, you will trust the ratings and reviews rather than words that are spoken by restaurant owners. And as Google give priority to the review while listing down the firms, one negative review can make a huge impact on the sales of your company.

Every organization hopes to receive the positive reviews but the fact is customers who have poor experience are more likely to post on the Google reviews. Therefore, your digital marketing services provider is responsible to keep a track of the negative review and if possible remove them as they are harmful to your business.

What is the Google Review?

Right before, we start explaining how to delete Google reviews we need to define what is Google review? Google review is the personal opinion of an individual who has visited the place or received the services from them. There are multiple review posting websites that can be easily confused with the Google review sites.

What is The Process of Deleting Google Review?

As Google is on the mission to deliver high-quality results to its users, it simply doesn’t offer a “Delete” option for the review option. Instead, there are only two ways to delete a review;

First: the person who has posted the review has the authority to edit or delete it.

Second: The business can flag the review as inappropriate.

Flagging the reviews means altering the Google that posted review is either fake or doesn’t comply with Google’s policy for review posting. Now, you must be wondering how can you flag a review? There are various steps you need to follow simple steps.

Step 1: Open Google map and search your business.

Step 2: Find the review you want to flag on the page.

Step 3: Click on the vertical dots that appear at the side of the review and select the option “Flag as inappropriate”.

Once done, you need to write a brief description of the issue and submit it for the follow-ups.

As you can already see, it is a very lengthy and time-consuming process and doesn’t guarantee that your review will be removed, and if the Google decides to remove it, you will never know when that will happen. Hence, it is more beneficial to handle the negative review on your own with the support of International SEO service.

How to Handle Negative Reviews?

  • Respond to the review in a polite tone: The best way to handle negative review on your website is to respond to them. According to the survey, customers who end up deleting their negative reviews if they receive a response from the owner. Remember your reviews are open to everyone so, make sure you don’t sound rude when replying.
  • Ask the customer to delete it: sometime, the customer may respond to your reply but leave the review there. So, rather than showcasing as a victory reach out to customers and see if it can be removed
  • Solve the issue faced by customer: The reason the customer left a review is that he or she is not satisfied with your services. Therefore, it is vital to recognize and resolve the issue to see if they are willing to visit again.

In the end, if your business is still facing any difficulties due to the reviews, then it is time to hire digital marketing services to protect your reputation.

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