With continuously evolving technology, social media has created a place in our day to day lives. According to the studies, an average person spends around 2 to 3 hours daily on social media network. This made social media a hub of potential customers from around the world. Due to this, every second business is using social media marketing to target the audience on the social media platforms. But everything comes with a price. The web is full of negative people who want to tarnish your reputation in the market. They will do it by posting negative comments and trolls on your profile. So, how are you going to handle all this?

We understand social media is the platform through which you can connect and interact with existing customers, potential customers and fans. This is a vital part of digital marketing you cannot ignore. So, in the end, you do not have any other option but to handle the trolls and negative comments posted by haters. To do this, first, you have to understand;

What are the Social Media Trolls

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The social media trolls refer to someone who purposely makes an offensive comment to provoke others on the social media. The actual goal behind making social media toll is to upset others or elect the angry response out of them. It is the most common problem you face with Social Media advertising, nowadays, so avail best social media optimization services for your business to grow.

How to Handle Social Media Trolls and Negative Comments

Handle Social Media Trolls

Not everyone wants to respond to the negative comments and trolls on the social media but it becomes necessary when things start to go out of your hands. During such a critical time, you have no other option but to fight back. So, here are tips you need while handling the social media trolls and negative comments.

Start taking your social media seriously

If you want to get success in your industry then, start taking your social media profile seriously. Don’t forget the actual motive behind creating the social media profile of your business is to interact with the existing customers and fans. It very unfair and unprofessional to ignore the comments of your customers. Especially when they have a query or need customer support services. Being ignored during such a situation leave them frustrated and they start spreading bad words to their friends and family. This is how the bad reputation starts building up.

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Try to stay positive

Even if you know that whatever written in the comment is uncalled or unfair, don’t lose your patience. Being angry is not going to resolve any issue but only make the situation in hand worse. Stay positive! You know social media news can spread like forest fire. You have to sit down for a minute garb a glass of water to calm over self before start writing a reply. Use the positive approach to handle the situation rather than making an aggressive comment.

How to Handle Bullies on Social Media

Handle Social Media Bullies


Don’t worry you are not the first one experiencing bullying on your social media profile. Just like you, everyone has a fair share of them. It has been often seen bullies just repeat what they hear from other but actually never experienced the services. So, you can from asking what they have experienced with your products and services. This will immediately pause them as they do not have any information about the product.