There was a time, when printing advertisement, television, and Radio ads were the backbone of the brand marketing. But the time has changed especially after the introduction of the internet. Social media channels have taken the responsibilities of the advertisement on their shoulders. One of the most effective social media channels is Instagram!

Instagram has almost everything it takes to make an impressive brand appearance in the market but if you are thinking that just publishing posts on the platform can do all the work then, you are wrong. Crafting the perfect Instagram post is not a “piece of cake” as it has to be perfectly accurate with the hint of professionalism and promotion to appear on the top of the user’s newsfeed. Right before we begin with the guidance to create effective Instagram posts, you need to know about the algorithm of the platform.

What is the Instagram Algorithm?


The latest algorithm of Instagram is designed to prioritize the quality content that is relevant to the individual searches. This means the more meaningful content you have added in your posts the higher they will appear on the search options. The algorithm basically connects relevancy with the engagement factor.

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Here let’s take an example to elaborate the concept; if you frequently search and like posts of your friend Natasha then, they are more likely to appear on your news feed. Similarly, when you search and click on the posts related to sports and fashion then, Instagram will push that kind of posts on your feedback.

What are the Factors You can Optimize to Prioritize Your Posts?

The Instagram algorithm prioritize posts on the basis of the four basic factors which are:

  • Total number of engagement
  • Relationship with the users
  • The timing of the posts
  • Profile searchers

Now, if you want to appear higher on the Instagram newsfeed then, you need to keep these factors in mind. Or you can cut the slack and hire a social media marketing agency to do the work on your behalf.

How to Create Your Posts?


After reading the algorithms factors that can influence the raking of your Instagram, you can begin creating a perfect Instagram post that will rank higher on the users’ news feeds. Therefore, while creating the posts, you need to optimize;

  • High-Quality images and videos

Nobody would like to double tap, comment and share on the post that contains pixelated media content. Such posts clearly scream “some amateur has made this” and you don’t want that, do you? So, take some time to select high-quality images and videos. Always go for the media content that looks interesting, crisp, represent professionalism and relevant to your brand.

  • Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are the very first thing that appears on the user search when they enter a phrase of the keyword. The more user-friendly hashtags you will add in your posts; the higher Instagram algorithm will prioritize your post.

  • Post according to the time 

You need to know your audience to implement this one here. Find out the timing when they are most active on Instagram. For instance; if you are targeting the adult audience then, they must know that they spent most of their time on their workplace and typically their working hours’ end at 5:00 o’ clock. So, they will check their social media posts after dinner. Hence, in order to target them, you will have to post accordingly.

Confident! This is how you should feel after implementing the above tactics while creating your Instagram post. However, if you still face any issue then, you can acquire social media advertising service from a digital marketing agency.