If you are in the middle of the process of building large websites on the WordPress then, the available plugins can actually save lots of time and money especially when it comes to creating the bulk posts and web pages. Now, the question is how would you do it? Majority of the WordPress development service providers use the “BulkPress plugin” to create multiple posts, web pages and other content types. Beginners who have never worked on the WordPress websites may need some guidance to create the pages. In this blog post, we are going explain how you can create multiple posts and pages using BulkPress.

Advantages of Using BulkPress

The BulkPress has made post and page creation on the WordPress easier than before. Gone are the days when developers have to create each tag or post separately. Now, with the BulkPress in few clicks, developers can create multiple posts and pages which are ready to publish with the content. The next question that you are probably going to ask is how to use BulkPress plugins for your own WordPress website? Well, as a web development service provider, we are just going to explain that.

How to Use BulkPress for Your Own Website?

How to use BulkPress for your own website

There are plenty of both free and paid plugins are available on the WordPress website. Thankfully, BulkPress is come free which means you do not have to pay anything to use it. So, the first thing you need to do is install the BulkPress for your site directly from the WordPress plugin directory. To do this, you can log into the admin area of the website and from there you can navigate to plugins and go to the sidebar menu.

From the sidebar menu, you can click on the add plugins (as shown in the above picture). Enter into the search bar to find the results for the BulkPress and bam you can install it now. Once the selected plugin is downloaded you can directly access it through the sidebar menu.

How to Create Multiple Posts and Web Pages

create multiple post

After downloading the BulkPress, it is time to start creating the posts, web pages or any other kind of content page you want. Creating WordPress posts and pages were never too easier before the introduction of BulkPress. Now, let’s learn how to do it.

create the custom pages

As shown in the above picture, you can directly visit the BulkPress and locate the menu. From there you can select from the multiple options including web pages, media, posts, revisions and other items. If you want to create the custom pages or posts for the websites then, it could be done through using this plugin.

You can either enter the title or slug for the page or post you want to create. While creating the pages and posts through the BulkPress you get the option of setting the status of the new item. You can use this to ensure that new pages and posts are not available for the audience.

You can see how easily you can create new pages and posts on the WordPress websites using the BulkPress plugin. If you find it challenging then, you can hire development services from Qdexi Technology to create a WordPress website or new pages or posts on it.