As a reader of this blog, you must be looking for a way to create a website without spending a penny, right? Congratulation, you have come to the right space. Here is what you need to build a free website from the very scratch at a free or affordable cost. Now, you may ask is it possible to create a website without paying any money? Well yes, you can do this by using the free website builders. Nowadays, it has become much easier to use the free website tools and you can do it even when you don’t know anything about the coding. They are extremely user-friendly and comes with drag and drop functionality. However, you may need to acquire some guidance from the custom web designing service provider in the very beginning.

Majority of the contemporary website comes with two primary options. The first is the “trial period” that will allow you to run the website builder for a specific period of time and triggers the necessary signups. The second option is the “fermium” that is the mixture of free and premium. This allows you to run the basic model for the free of cost, in case if you want more features then you can go for the premium option.

Is this enough to create an impressive website? Well, it actually depends on the website builder platform you have chosen and on what is the definition of “impressive website” from your mindset. In many cases, free users cannot optimise the custom domains or add create more than 5 pages and remove adverts that builders place on the websites.

What Process You Need to Follow While Creating a Free Website

Create a free website

Here are some steps you need to follow while creating a free website:

  • Choose the right website builder platform
  • Get a free domain name
  • Set up everything and customise your website

Just because there are hundreds of free website builders out there doesn’t mean that you will settle down on the very first builder you will come across with. There are some builders that suit your particular web design requirement better than others and you can certainly enjoy working with them due to the utmost features and tools.

Let’s explore some of the best website builders that have gained popularity among the web design service solution provider because of the ease to use, flexibility and features.

Some of the Best Website Builders For Business

best website builders

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  • WordPress

WordPress is the number one website building platform across the world. You can have the idea of the popularity of WordPress from the fact that total two-third worldwide websites are created on this platform. The WordPress utmost customization level making sure users can build the design he is seeking for.

  • Wix

Wix is another website that empowers millions of websites around the countries. When it comes to choosing a website building platform for a newbie this platform has no competitors. Wix stands out in the crowd due to its amazing mobile-friendly templates, top-notch designing tools and adaptability of features.

  • Ukit

If you want to build the website for the business purpose then, Ukit is the right choice for you. The platform was specifically designed to meet the demand of web designing solution for small and medium-sized businesses. However, the website can be used other types of projects you may want to create.

No matter what you choose, at the end of the day, you may need guidance from the website designing company in Canada. Visit Qdexi Technology to obtain more information on the topic.