What could be better than witnessing the constant stream of visitors on your website? It indicates that users are liking your profile, product and services? The high click rate shows the positive user experience but what would happen if your visitors are welcomed by the 404 page? They will leave your page, right? The 404 error page can send all your efforts and hard work straight to the drains. The possible thing the visitor will do after having an encounter with the 404 page is to press the back button immediately. But you can stop it with the help of the best web development Services in California City.

The 404 page will just ruin your first impression on the visitor and if you have not set your page then, they will probably not going to visit your page again. The permanently moved out pages can clutter the search engine results and make the link rot faster than you might think. The average lifespan of the URL is less than 100 days this could be the reason the back button is found to be the most used navigation feature.

The 404 pages can cause the dramatic fall in your website ranking. Here are the three possible cause of the error page:

  • You have relaunched the website
  • There are internal broken links
  • Your link is outdated

But no matter what is the cause you cannot blame the users to take the quick negative action. The responsibility of providing the best user experience was yours. So, you have to sit down and fix it rather than running away from it. Remember, your goal is to stop them from clicking the back button.

How to Create an Effective 404 Error Page

Now, you have taken the decision to work on the 404 pages but the hundred dollar question is how are you supposed to do that? The answer is “details”, you need to add details on the page to make it more creative. In this blog, you will learn how to create a creative and effective 404 error pages.

The 404 error page inform the users that they have followed the non-existing page. Just like any web page, the 404 page comes in the various designs: You can make it funny, minimise, or reserve it. The design of the error page depends on the goods, products and aim of the company. To understand the concept let’s take a closer look at the 404 pages and how you can make it look better with the best web development Services in California City.

What You can Add in Your 404 pages

  • Your company’s logo
  • You can add the general text on the page like “oops”, “Sorry, we could not page the page”, “404 page”.
  • You can give a link to the homepage or the search box so, they can visit it in the meanwhile.

Ideas to Create an Error Page

  • Stick to your style : The 404 error page is the part of your website so, do not make it look different. Keep the same fonts, colours, style and mood that you have used in your web pages.
  • Explain what happened: It is actually great if you explain the situation to the visitor but that doesn’t mean you have to write the whole paragraph a small description of one to two lines work fine.
  • Add a bit of fun on the page : The user may be upset after seeing the error page as they cannot find the information they are looking for so, why should not do something to lift their mood up? Funny pictures, animation or video can do that for you.

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