In this era of latest technology and innovation, the human race has moved ahead and created several social media platforms to create and maintain a strong relationship among friends, family,  and other audience. Facebook is the king of social media platforms with the highest number of active users. Today, every 3 out of 4 people have a profile on the Facebook and businesses are not sitting behind in this race. With the help of social media marketing, they have started promoting their products and services on various platforms.

If you are running your business and serving for such a long time then there is a possibility that you may have an unclaimed Facebook page. But you never created them, right? Then, you did? This happens when people were interested to know more about your business even before you have a Facebook business page or probably searched your business under misspelling.

This could be quite frustrating for those who don’t have any idea how to claim, merge or delete duplicate Facebook pages. It turns out that duplicate Facebook pages are common nowadays so, businesses do not have any option but learn how to merge them. The example of the unclaimed page is given below.

No matter, how frustrating this problem is, there is always a solution you can use to maintain the relationship.

How to Fix Duplicate Business Pages on Facebook

There are two options to fix this problem first: fix this when you don’t have a Facebook page and second: fix this when you have a Facebook page. Let’s get into details to clear doubts.

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Duplicate Facebook Pages

  • Fixing this issue when you don’t have a Facebook page

    If you don’t have a business page and just creating a new one but Boom you find that there are already multiple pages with your business name, surprising right? Don’t worry, you can resolve this issue by proving your ownership. Here is how you can do that.

    On the unclaimed page under the cover photo, you mind find “Is this your business?”. Click on it, in case if you have a business phone number then verify it on an urgent basis. This is the easiest way to claim your duplicate Facebook pages. The Facebook will send a code at your business phone number to verify it is you. After entering the code the page is all your. Social media optimization service provider can also guide you with the issue

  • Fixing the issue when you have a Facebook page

    This happens to the most of the businesses: when they hire someone to create and manage their Facebook page and but now the person is no longer work for you and unfortunately they were the only person who had the admin access to the page. In this scenario, you need to find your business page or pages and claim the ownership. To do this you have to visit each page, on each page at the bottom cover, you will find the report option, just click on it. Once you click on the report option, the next pop up will appear. Select the last option, “I think it’s an unauthorized use of my intellectual property” and submit it. Next, you can redirect it to the violation and select which one of the two options (Copyright or Trademark) feel right for you. The last thing, you need to do is to select the right option and send it.

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