Today, the well-planned social media efforts have become the element for successful business and event promotion. The social media marketing basically covered the main goal of the event which is to have the attendees connect, interact and share their knowledge. Likewise social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow users to get engaged, interact and share their experience with others. So, why not bring the spotlight to the business event using social media techniques for marketing in USA.

Social Media Platforms For the Event Promotion

Social media platforms for the event promotion

As per the event industry survey, 2017 top most business owners have stated that 72 per cent of the attendants came through the social media promotion. They have also confronted that social media marketing is one of the most effective online marketing tools to bring the audience to their business events.

The social media marketing is the tool of choice that totally depends on the needs of the business. Most of the business owners ignore using social media platforms thinking it is just for the customers and the ROI rate is not that high but if they listen to the marketing experts the social media has become the main channel of marketing nowadays.

There are some marketers who prefer using influencer marketing instead of social media marketing stating it is the future of the online marketing but the truth is the use of influencer marketing in event promotion hasn’t yet start working. Actually, there is around 75 per cent of people who are not aware of the influencer marketing. So, it is better to say the social media marketing is something that is actually used by everyone nowadays.

How a Business Can Use Social Media Marketing to Bring the Spotlight to Event

social media marketing

  • Facebook is still on the top

Nowadays, people who with social presence visit the Facebook at least once in a day. So, the very first thing anyone can do to promote their business event creates a Facebook event page. The motive behind it? The Facebook users who hold the certain interest in your business event can receive the updates. The user can like, comment and share your event page to others who hold the same interest.

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  • Start sharing user-generated content

To attract more audience to your business event, it is important to spotlight the media and the thoughts people are generating for your upcoming business event. You can share the photos and video of the last event to drag the attention of the audience. Try to encourage your audience to come forward and comment on what they actually feel about your event making them feel more connected.

  • Promote the business event with the hashtag

A hashtag is an internal tool of social media marketing. Using the event-specific hashtag on the social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn allows users to easily organize and promote their business events. Using the specific event hashtag in all of the posts allow the audience to the event-specific posts you are sharing on the social media.

The event marketing can effective for both small and large business organizations that want to get connected with their potential customers. For this, Qdexi Technology is the leading digital marketing company situated in the USA. The company is globally known for delivering the best social media optimization services at an affordable package rate.