Chatbots have become a business buzz – and they are holding this title due to some very good reasons.

They are the online communicators who are capable of answering fundamental questions in the absence of the human presence. The main reasons why Chatbots are gaining such popularity in the business world is because it can:

  • Accelerate the buyers’ journey
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce the entire customer service cost

Sound pretty awesome and beneficial at the same time, right? But Chatbots are not as simple as they seem to be. It is actually much more than what meets our eyes. These tech-driven tools are built on the piles of complex codes that require professional web development services to manage and maintain which often put this out of the reach of small business owners and entrepreneurs, right?


The below post is all about how small businesses can take advantage of the chatbots to market their brand on social media platforms. So, without sparing any other moment let’s begin with the Facebook chatbots and how it has become a part of social media marketing services.

What is Facebook Chatbot?

Today people have become more responsive to their chat apps and started to pay less attention to social media platforms. Facebook Messenger has recently decided to offer a huge opportunity to marketers. Through the chatbots, marketers have the power to engage the audience with their brands. This makes this application a perfect medium to connect nurture and convert the visitors into customers but is it everything you need to know about Facebook chatbot?

Chatbots are the online software that interacts with visitors through the conversational interface. So, when we talk about Facebook chatbots, it is the software built to engage Facebook users. This means using the Facebook chatbots you can target billions of users and engage 24/7 as the information desk is at the tip of their fingers.

How Small Businesses can Use Facebook Chatbots to Market?

There are two fundamental factors that will help you to understand why do you need Facebook Chatbots for your business:

1. Digital Marketing: It drives more leads and sales

According to the recent survey, 60% of Facebook users considered Chatbots as the easiest ways to access new businesses. In fact, more than 15% of costumes have already visited an organization through the chatbots while 95% of costumers consider that Chatbots plays a crucial role in marketing a brand. On top of this 40% of costumers don’t care if there is no man behind the chatbots, they will still use it.

2. Customer Service: Answers all the basic questions

The obvious use of bots is to answer the basic questions consumers need to ask about the brand. Many users often consider chatbots as the interactive FAQ platform. Instead of exploring the whole web page to find the answers a customer can easily retrieve the answer from the chatbots. Saving both time and efforts.

So, are you ready to use Facebook Chatbots for marketing? If yes, then the next question that must be swimming in your mind is: –

Who is Going to Build your Chatbots?

Well, it is the mystery that will be correctly answered in the next blog. Until then stay tuned to Qdexi Technology for more social media updates and services.

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