The search engine world always pace on its toes when it comes to finding how social media can impact SEO results. The recent algorithm shift has been witnessed in the search engines like Google and how it prioritizes the results.  It is the topic that never gets old! The reason is simple; social media affects SEO in more than one way. If you believe in professional search engine optimization experts, they believe that social media do not only make SEO more effective but also lucrative. Yes, as separate parts of the digital marketing, they might look different from each other but there is no doubt they share a profitable relationship with each other.

Social Signals are not Ranking Signals, But Why?

how social signals affect SEO

Many of the marketing experts’ beliefs that social media don’t directly contribute to SEO. In more precise words, the social signals do not contribute to the overall ranking factor. But why? After all, social media marketing is also a part of digital marketing, right? So, here is the made up theory; the links you share on the social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest may help your brand to have more exposure but the Google don’t consider them as the ranking signal.

Now here is the thing; even though the social media is not considered as the ranking factor, it still has the significance that indirectly contributes to the overall website ranking. So, you can declare that there is a correlation between the ranking of a website on SERP and total social signals.

If you look at some of the top ranking websites, then you may find that most of them have strong social media profiles. Now, if you are thinking about investing in social media, then you will surely increase your chances of appearing on search engine result pages.

Why Google Ignore Social Signals

Does Google do the inquiry on a brand and crawl all media profile pages right from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn? Of course, it surely does. Another question; if the Google Crawl them, then does it view content and links on social media any different? The answer is “NO”, it just treats them like any other HTML page of a website.

Now, if everything runs the same, then why it is not taking social signals? The reason why Google doesn’t consider the social media shares and followers while ranking a website is because, it will become much easier for anyone to cheat the system and have the undeserving ranking. Also, the social media shares happen around the clock that makes it even harder for the search engine giant to track the record. So, here we cannot surely say that whether Google considers social media or not for the ranking. But what we do know is it plays an important role in making your brand more visible to search makers.

Reasons to Stay on the Top of the Social Media

Social media influence

Search engine optimization is all about gaining more visibility for your website so more and more people will visit it. On the flip side of the coin, social media marketing is about getting the most out of the social media platforms and reach customers in a personal manner. Both search engine optimization and social media marketing techniques may seem different but somehow they both have overlapping goals and in essence both of them work together. This is the reason, SEO service provider company in the USA are working to create a powerful presence on social media. In short, SEO and SMM go hand in hand. Let’s take a look at some of the valid reason why you should double your efforts of the social media:

  • Social media help to build authority
  • Social media works with real people
  • Social media content gets indexed by Google.

The social media has grown with the warp speed to the point where it is unavoidable for the SEO campaigns. In addition, social media optimization service also offers quality backlinks to your website and when your social media content will start receiving a higher number of links, it will eventually catch the eye of the relevant webmasters who want to link with you.