The 21 century is the era of technology users. Everyone around us is using technology to accomplish their day to day tasks whether it is visiting a website to order something or reaching out a person across the globe. The world is moving fast with the technology. The google gives priority to those websites who are responsive and mobile-friendly over those who are not. Qdexi Technology offers affordable responsive website development service that will cater to the need of both mobile and desktop users

Importance of Responsive Website Development Service

Thus, it is also important for businesses to adopt this change and grow with the trends. The responsive website is also a part of the growing web. If you are not using a responsive website for your online website then you must be missing huge potential consumers. In fact, according to the survey mobile devices represent 65 per cent of all digital traffic which is more than half. Still, many marketers use desktop strategy. The very first thing the client will say before hearing the benefits of the responsive website is “they cannot redesign their website now”.

The mobile usage is increasing in the marketing: – According to the statics of more than 20 per cent, google searches are performed by mobile device users. If we convert this google percentage then we will find that 57 per cent users use multiple screens like mobile phones, tabs, and more to access the website on both mobile and desktop devices.

The truth there is a large number of users who are accessing the website and searching the internet via mobile devices and the number is rapidly increasing day by day. In case if your website is not mobile responsive users will leave your website within a minute for a better website. The responsive website ensures that your visitor can easily navigate your website from any device, which in return will increase the number of satisfied users.

Responsive website reduces bounce rate: – Another statistic used by the Search Engine Optimization at Qdexi is how long a visitor stays on your website. Google believes that if visitors find what they are looking for on your website after they click I tend to stay longer. The unresponsive websites are more difficult to navigate on small mobile screens such website that doesn’t cater to the needs of the mobile crowd can increase the bounce rate. To resolve this issue you can hire a website development service expertThey will help you to design and develop a website which is responsive to the crowd.

Efficient and easier to manage: – It is very difficult to run and manage two different websites and at the same time costly. Rather than this having one website which is mobile-friendly responsive is more efficient. Having two website means your designer have to do everything twice from making PPC to site maintenance. Therefore it is easier to design and develop a single responsive website that will cater needs of both mobile and desktop users equally additionally saving time and money.

Increase conversion: – The website creates the very first impression of a brand. If a website is responsive and easy to navigate then there are a 67 per cent chances that your visitors will convert into consumers.

Opt Qdexi Technology For Best Website Development Service

In case if you are facing trouble with designing and developing a trustworthy website then you can visit Qdexi Technology for their effective website development solution. While creating a new mobile-friendly website the upfront cost can stop small businesses from using it but the revenue generated by this will surely justify the investment. If you are still unconvinced then here are a few ways how a new responsive website can increase your business revenue.