Do you know there are around 60 to 65 per cent websites running without a responsive website design service? Well, bad for them because they are losing a big opportunity to rank higher than their competitors on the search engine result pages. Responsive website design is not a luxury only large-scale companies can enjoy but something that is available for all. But the main focus here is what difference does it make?

Today, mobile searches dominate around 55 per cent of the search market. That means if you cannot reach them with your products and services then you are losing lots of potential customers. Yet despite this statistic, many companies are failing to provide mobile-friendly website experience to their customers. Most of them still come up traditional thinking running their business website on the web is more than enough. They do not understand websites who do not deliver mobile-friendly experience are more likely to lose their 90% customers on the average basis.

It does not only affect the look and function of the website but make a negative effect on the SEO service and efforts.

How Responsive Web Design and SEO are Related to Each Other

  • It Improves site usability

    Generally, students do not like to stick to the website which is hard to navigate. The Google algorithm is designed to recognize time a user spends on a website. Meaning, if your website users are more likely to exit the page within first 60 seconds then Google will remove it from the result page as it only aims to deliver quality results only. Web designing solution can make your website easier for visitors to navigate. This will eventually reward your website with lots of traffic, positive reviews and overall rises in the search engine pages.

  • Improve page speed

    Page loading is the main factor that affect the ranking of the website. Every business owner want their website to load faster why? Because over all these years the Google has been shouting that only fast-loading websites will rank higher in the search result. Websites created with website designing service tend to load faster in comparison to ordinary websites that takes forever to load. The result of this could be seen in form of SEO ranking and positive user experience.

  • Less duplicate content on the website

    People who are still running two separate websites for both desktop and mobile users have a difficult time managing the content. Google algorithm still require direction from your end to decide which website content is more valuable to you. Even though you have created separate websites with unique URL but content on both websites are same.

    The Google has zero tolerance for the duplicate content and in worse cases, they can even penalties your website for having duplicate content. A mobile responsive web design service can deal with duplicate content on your behalf.

In the end, a website that is not optimized for mobile or smartphone users is going to face difficulties to convince their customers to stick with the website that was truly designed for desktop users.

Qdexi Technology provides web design service which will not deliver improved user experience but also give a helping hand to your search engine optimization service.