We live in an era of technology and digitization where everything is moving to the mobile-first index. The main reason behind this growth is the addiction to smartphones and tablets. As you can already figure out from the numbers and statistics the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Now, the responsive website development is no longer an additional component for your website but a necessary aspect of your SEO efforts, regardless of the business industry.

Why Does Your Business Require a Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Designing Solution

The web has moved far away from where it has begun with an incredible rate. Among all these years’ changes happened including the inventible one. The mobile design took over the development one and become the very first choice of internet users. According to the recent survey, people who used to use one device to reach the web has now used twice as many devices including smartphones, desktops and computers.

The result was not surprising to the marketers and designers as they were already expecting the same impact.  However, the slow response of the website design can become a challenge to the new state. Despite the demand of the responsive website design and development those who have failed to adapt to the responsive environment is as high as 60 per cent.

  • Google is Supporting Responsive Websites

Google is built to provide the best results to the users. In this world, where almost everyone is accessing the internet through the latest devices like smartphones, tablets, desktop, etc.  So, Google has to act accordingly if it wants to keep its users. Now, to stand on the reason that it is going to favour responsive website over desktop one.

In short, Google is going to place a responsive website on the top of the ranking. In case if it is still not enough you make you invest in the responsive website development services then, here are some more reasons why you should make your move.

  • Improve site usability

If a visitor cannot navigate your website then, chances are less that they will stick around for a long time. Google consider the “time on page” as an indicator that defines the value of the website. Responsive website designing solutions for business make it easier for visitors to read and navigate your website. As a result, they will stay for a longer time will eventually make a purchase.

This way, your website can deliver positive user experience and Google is definitely going to reward your website with a higher ranking.

  • Decrease page loading time

The page loading time is a known ranking factor. Sites that take more than 4 seconds to load are more likely to lose 50% of the visitors. Hence, your website should be optimized to load as quickly as possible to rank well on the SERPs.

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  • Decrease bounce rate

Bounce rate defines how quickly do your visitors leave the website? As you are already aware that Google pays attention to the behaviour of the visitors to differentiate high-quality website from low-quality one. Websites with a higher bounce rate can face a negative change in the ranking. But it is not the content you can blame for this shift in fact, it could be because of the design of the content. Responsive website design allows you to put only relevant content for the visitors. It offers a crisp, relevant and undistracted environment for the readers.

In the end, you can always ask for more information on the responsive website design and development from Qdexi Technology.