Content marketing is an up-surging quest for responsive user-engagement. Blog posts, infographics, and video content can help you to receive expected traffic for your site. Moreover, it also helps to improve customer reliability of your product.

A regular content audit is also contributing to its role and one of the best tools in content marketing. These audits allow you to find underperforming content, ideas for editorials and creating relevant content. It is considered to refurnish the content on an annual basis or to enhance content marketing strategy. Constant good practice on required change on content will ensure user to trust your product even after a long time. The evaluation and assessment process is based on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

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Content audits are usually analyzed from an analytic platform like social media reports, SEO tools. Besides, editorial audits focus on word count, voice, tone, grammar, spelling and targeted keywords and key phrases.

How Often You Need to Audit Web Content?

Awareness Content: This type of content should be analyzed every six months. The blog posted on-site needs time to rank high on the top three pages in the search list.  Within six months, there are chances for your content to perform organically. Traffic should be likely to drive by a paid advertising campaign and social media and for this different audit metrics for content comprises social shares, comments, backlinks, visitors, and page views. The page view could be further measured by social, paid and organic.

Consideration Content: Consideration of content must be evaluated every three to six months. It is mainly related to your product and service and the trendy content on your website. Quality content should be created to increase its conversion rates on your site. Auditing the content from time to time will allow you to find the users expectations. Predictive analytics are considered to perform such activities. Bounce and exit rate, assisted conversions, designated time-on-page, backlinks, trust flow, and unique visitors are the audit metrics commonly used for consideration content.

Conversion Content: It must be audit every three months or quarterly to increase traffic on your site. This designated time will provide you to assemble the required data to make it popular. Whether you have an e-commerce site or manufacturing site, the site traffic is different for each. Though, there is a difference in their conversion rates, Audit analysis on a monthly or quarterly basis will help you to reach potential customers. In this, the visitors, time on page, bounce and exit rate, goals and conversion and page views are the audit metrics concerned for this conversion content.

Retention Content: One needs to pay close attention to audit the entire data annually, as it has low metrics because the audience is the existing customers. To audit the content, you must make a division of changes required in the content. There are both advantages and disadvantages of performing these methods, though, this annuals audit considered for those companies who have a long and different content strategy.

Besides, a content audit for SEO will help you to analyze the lagging feature of your content and with the usage keywords, images and other key concerned areas should be taken into account to create relevant content for your site.

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