In the previous blog post, we have mentioned the conversion rate optimization. Until now, we know that conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the fastest and most effective methodologies to turn your current website traffic into potential customers. Also, we have learned than CRO is more than just guiding visitors to take desired action but a set of tools and strategies that are geared toward the very same thing:

Turning visitors into the paying customers

There are lots of assumption and conflicts about the CRO. For example, one study found that long-form landing page works the best for CRO and increased the business conversion by 200 per cent.

However, some companies claim that short-form landing page works better for their audiences. Therefore, in the below post we will try to find the reality behind the efficiency of the CRO.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): The Key to Your Business Success


Running a business is like running a retail store. There will be lots of people who might come and leave but only a few after buying a thing or two. The CRO focus on giving your website more conversion by giving them a reason to say “yes”. There is two types of conversion exist namely Marco and Micro.

The micro conversion means the prospect visitor has signed up at your website and somehow is engaged with your brand. He or she might have read your blogs, newsletter, videos and service description on the website or the social media.

On the other side, macro conversion is important. That’s when a visitor converts through an offer on the website. They might buy the product, subscribe to your website or fill out the form.

For the marketers both micro and macro conversion matters. Micro often lead a visitor toward the macro conversion as the visitor becomes more enmeshed in your company’s brand.

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How to Measure the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

measure the conversion rate optimization

It is necessary to measure the effectiveness of the conversion rate optimization (CRO) to find out ways to increase your conversion rate. Advanced big data analytics is a preferred tool to measure the effectiveness of CRO. The metrics of measurements are given below:

  • Total conversion: – Total conversion refers to the number of people who performed the desired whether it is clicking on the particular link or making the purchase.
  • Bounce rate: – Bounce rate defines the number of visitors who could not find the desired information on your website. The total figure can be measured by calculating the total number of visitors who left your website without performing any action.
  • Conversion rate: – In simple terms, the conversion rate is the total percentage of the visitors who performed or taken the desired action. The conversion rate can be calculated by dividing the total number of conversions by the total number of visitors.
  • Average time spends on the site: – This metric defines the level of engagement the website has with the visitors. It is necessary to define the average engagement to hire SEO services online.
  • Average time per page: – This number signifies the number of pages the visitor wondered on your website.

The above elements of the conversion rate optimization (CRO) are necessary to generate the effective rate of conversion for a website. Qdexi Technology-the leading search engine optimization company offer the proper guidance and services regarding the CRO. You can directly read the website blogs or contact the seo professionals.