What is Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

It is a process of mobile app development in which the applications developed can work on any platform or mobile operating system provided by different mobile companies in their smart instruments such as Android or iOS. It gives the flexibility to use any mobile app in any type of smart phone.

It was not an easy task to build compatible applications in the beginning. Originally, the most complex of the task was to build a backend which could work with different platforms. To build the applications for each platform was easy but to develop the compatibility among different operating systems was quite difficult.

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What are Some of the New Approaches to the Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

There are many new approaches to the cross-platform mobile app development which makes better mobile apps. These are as follows:

  • Hybrid development of mobile apps: This involves development of a mobile app on JavaScript or HTML5 environment and then wrapping it with a native device wrapper. This enables the app to be run across different mobile platforms.
  • RMAD (Rapid Mobile App Development): It is mostly used to build business mobile apps addressing specific issues in business. It uses code-free tools in programming these apps.
  • Universal Apps for Windows: This enables the apps to run on all Windows compatible devices. This can run on all instruments like Window PC, smart phones, tablets and even smart watches.
  • PWA (Progressive Web apps): These are certain websites which can behave as mobile apps. It does not require the user to get an app downloaded or purchased from the app store.

How It can be Helpful in the Developmental Process?

There are five major advantages of using cross-platform mobile app development. These are discussed as below:

  • Reuse of the code: The code written in the cross-platform development is not written again and again for different platforms. A single code can be used in all platforms.
  • Cost controlling: The companies need to invest only once in their developmental processes. This cuts the development cost considerably.
  • Development time is reduced: When a single code or script is deployed, the developmental process becomes much faster. It is finished faster and reaches the market faster.
  • Easily implemented: Using faster technologies like Accelerator and Phone Cap not only make the developers implement the changes easily but also translate them across different platforms.
  • Uniformity across all platforms: The look of the app remains the same across all the platforms making it user-friendly.

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