We all know that the world of technology is constantly changing. Many new devices and gadgets are launched every day in the market. Currently, mobile phones are highly in trend. People prefer using mobile devices over computers and laptops because these are handy and everything is available in them. It would not be wrong to say that mobile phones are ruling the digital world right now.

Every business whether it is a startup or a well established wants to develop a mobile application where they can meet the potential clients. A responsive mobile application has become mandatory for conducting business activities. In the recent analysis, it was stated that more than 50% of the website traffic is driven through mobile devices.

If you are also planning to build a mobile application for your business, then there are many things that should be kept in mind. The foremost decision that you have to make is choosing the right platform. This task is a little bit technical. It is recommended to hire the professional consultant that can guide you through the way.

So, if you do not have proper knowledge about selecting the suitable platform for developing your mobile application then we have a perfect solution for you. Qdexi Technology is a company that can provide you the best mobile application development services. The experts of this company can give you the best solution for all your queries. However, in this blog, we would share some best platforms that you can consider for developing mobile application.

List of Best Platforms for Developing a Mobile Application:


  • PhoneGap (Apache Cordova): This platform was engineered by Apache Cordova. It is an open source tool which is comprised of a debugger, compiler, and testing tools. These tools of PhoneGap consist of popular web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. The prime feature of using this platform is that it allows code reusability. You can use it across various operating system iOS, Android, Blackberry, Firefox OS, etc. The plug-ins help developers create featured mobile applications. It also supports the in-app purchase.
  • Appcelerator: It is another most preferred platform of developers. The Appcelerator allows developers to build, test and measure the functionality of the mobile applications. It uses JavaScript programming and applies the universal code concept. The developers can use one code base for developing mobile applications on various platforms like iOS, Windows, Android, etc. The mobile application can be done rapidly on Appcelerator. It is even equipped with pre-built connectors like MS Azure, MongoDB, MS SQL and much more.
  • Xamarin: The C# codebase in Xamarin can be applied universally to any platform. It comes with the sample application that can get you started quickly. Most of its code can be used across major mobile platforms. It also enables developers to test the functionality of the applications. In addition to this, it also has its own Android emulator.

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