The digital marketing has changed and the credit goes to the Google updates that are working hard to deliver the best search results to the users. The purpose of the Google update is to get rid of the websites that are not good enough or caught up red handed for using the black hat SEO techniques to creating backlinks. If you want to make your website to appear on the Google ranking then you have to understand the importance of digital marketing service solution and keep an eye on the recent Google updates.

Since the past decade, the Google is dominating the search engine marketing and it is not just because of the speed but their dedication to providing the best user experience and for this they keep evolving their platform making it better than before. Here is the list of Google updates that are going to hit the market soon.

  • HTTP Warning :

    We have been talking about this update for a while after Google’s Non-HTTP went live in the July 2018. Now instead of serving the non-HTTP page with just the information icon, the Google will send the direct pop-up warning. Of course, the site security is not something and we have witnessed this in the past year as well. After the announcement of Google in 2016 that “they are preferring HTTPS pages over the HTTP pages” has sent the direct warning signals to marketers that they will lose both organic and direct traffic if they keep running their websites with any secure HTTP connection.

    To save your website from losing the hard-earned ranking, it is important to upgrade your website to HTTPS. If you can do it on your own then try to apply best online marketing strategies for best business.

  • Speed is what you actually need

    Over the decade the Google has altered and updated its algorithm to prioritize user experience. The slow loading speed is the main cause of bad user experience as the users could not find what they are looking for in proper time. As per the information received from the internal sources the Google is going bring the new update in effect from 9 July 2018. This recent update will account for both desktop and mobile page speed. But how is it related to you and even it is then how are supposed to know if they have affected your website?

    According to the shared information, only the slowest pages that take more than 10 to 20 seconds to load will be affected by this. And to make sure whether your website falls under this or not the Google has launched the PageSpeed Insight. It is an online tool you can use to see the loading speed of your website. The tool also provides some suggestion to improve the current speed of the website.

  • Forget about the AdWords

    Yes, whatever you are reading is true. AdWords is no more, no it is not going anywhere. Actually, the Google has decided to merge all of their advertisement products and give it one name: Google Ads. Now, you would ask why they did it. The Google said they did it to reduce the complexity involved with the digital advertisement on their platform. This indicates that Google believes in the simplicity. With the rebranding, the Google has also introduced new products that aim to reduce the overall complexity and create optimized ads to deliver the best user experience.

If you want to know more about the recent Google updates or digital marketing solutions then Qdexi Technology is here to help you out. Our digital marketing experts will help you to understand the pros and cons of the recent Google updates.