People search for facilities that are easily accessible on their mobile phones. Most of the apps support an android version but lack ios accessibility or vice versa. Google launched flutter to ease out mobile developer problems. Flutter is a UI framework of mobile users to develop IOS and android application based on a single code base. This platform is effective in creating an interactive platform for hybrid-app. Google flutter is more durable and effective in comparison to other mobile development platforms.

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 Important Features of Flutter

  • Flutter is a tool used to access a larger number of widgets with different other tools quickly.
  • It is productive and effective as it allows operating applications on multiple frameworks and having up-to-date interfaces.
  • It also collaborates with a vast range of Integrated Development Environments (IDE) such as Android Studio and visual studio code.
  • Google flutter also supports setting and formatting pictures and online videos.

Advantages of Flutter in Making Hybrid Apps

  1. Swiftness in App Development Process:  It works on both ios and android. To develop an app using a flutter platform helps the developer to modify widgets and allows the user to enjoy a hassle-free experience.
  2. Development of an App: Flutter is made on Dart structure using the skia c++ mechanism. Due to its large size, it contains multiple components. Flutter is considered a reliable framework for creating a new android app. it is a smart approach by the developer in developing such projects. Flutter is faster than other platforms. It delivers high-quality service to its users.
  3. Strong User: Interface: A notable user-interface is necessary for a mobile app. To develop such apps, the flutter features of Cupertino and material design suitable for both ios and android. It will help the developer in building amazing apps comprise of different widgets in visual form to make it user –friendly.
  4. Software Development Kit (Sdks) And Domestic Features: By using native codes the third-party –integration and the platform of application programming interface (APIs).With the help of this one can easily make use of different native features and SDK on both platform ios and android. One can utilize the extensively used programming language of ios and android for easy access e.g., kotlin and swift.
  5. Designing Standard Features: Flutter ensures that every design component of the operating system must be evaluated to develop different design standards and must be updated from time to time to avoid any kind of obstruction in accessing the app. The developer can make use of flutter in developing customized widgets using the design templates on both ios and android.

Google flutter is the best platform for hybrid apps. The programming language of the dart and its application on both platforms compels the developer to make use of it.

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