Every year Google bring something new, something you have never seen before, something that can either make or break your online business in a single night, scared? You shouldn’t be. Although Google changes its algorithm around 500 to 600 times, the majority of them are minor. Google occasionally bring major algorithm updates that affect online business in various ways.

Therefore, it is necessary for SEO experts to be aware of these updates as they can be the game changer for their business. In the early years, Google has brought some major updates to its algorithms. Now, every year Google makes hundreds of changes. The question here is if these “algorithm updates” are just the buzzwords or they actually affect your online business.

How Google Algorithm Updates Affect Business

  • Google Mobile Update


In the past 2 years, Google has brought several mobile-centric updates including the mobile-speed update which was recently updated in July 2018. Since the number of mobile users is increasing day by day, Google thought about rewarding mobile-friendly websites with better ranking.

How It Can Affect Your Business

Google mobile update affect your business

It is important if you have mobile-friendly website because Google crawl bots are all set to search for the mobile versions of websites and in case if you failed to meet the major test that includes readable fonts for mobile, Click-ability, readability, website load speed and images then, you have a very low chances of ranking on the search engine result pages. You don’t want to rank behind your competitors, right? Then, hire an experienced company to build a mobile-friendly website for you.

  • Google Quality Update

Google has brought this update into the attention in 2015. The main motive behind this update is to bring out the quality content in front of the web results. By making the necessary changes in the algorithms, Google has tried to reward websites with quality content while weeding out the thin and cheap content. The Google wanted to provide only quality information to searches and bringing an algorithm was the best way to do it.

How it Can Affect Your Business

If your website has pages with thin or poor content then, Google may ignore them in favour of the website who have much better content. You can hire content writing to develop quality and engaging content for your business.

  • Google Pigeon Update

This update was like a gift for the local businesses why? Because Google pigeon update has dramatically increased the chances of local businesses to rank on the search engine result pages. Google did some changes in the algorithm to identify the local cues from the searchers and show them the suitable results. This gives an opportunity to local businesses to rank on the top of search results.

How It Can Affect Your Business

If you are running a business website and targeting locations that rely on the Google searches then, you have an opportunity to grow your business. But before you get too excited it is important to optimize the website for the Map Pack, NAP, Google My Business, and Local Pack.

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