There are billions of websites available on the internet. This means you have to make yours extraordinary to survive in this competition. Having a feature-rich website can give numerous advantages to your business which includes expansion of business activities, brand acknowledgment, quality leads, the huge number of customers and much more. This has become a real challenge for the people to choose the trustable CMS platform. These days Drupal is the popular content management system that has become a top priority for the developers to create engaging websites. The demand for web development services for Drupal CMS is constantly rising.

If you are also willing to create an engaging website then Drupal offers you extensive features, modules, and add-ons. In this blog, we would introduce you to some of the major Drupal modules that can help you create awesome websites.

If you would compare some of the top CMS platforms then you would find Drupal is the best one from the long-term perspective. It’s simple yet useful features and diverse collection of the modules allows you to develop any kind of website. It facilitates the development of a blog, informational website, social networking website, e-commerce website, and many more. It simply means that you can develop almost every kind of website with Drupal development services. So, without wasting any time let’s dig further to know more about Drupal Modules.

List of Most Useful Drupal Modules for Creating Websites

Disqus: This could possibly be the most useful module of Drupal that offers simple integration. It is one of the most popular commenting engines on the web. This allows users to provide logins using various accounts like Disqus, Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.

Social media modules: We all understand the importance of social media when it comes to the promotion of content online in front of the right audience. This module comes with a specific setup wizard which makes it easier to add as many profiles as you want with the sharing button as well.

Pathauto Module: This Drupal module is very useful as it generates the path and URL for different categories of the content. There is no need to manually specify the path aliases. It allows you to have the URL aliases.

View Module: Another popular name is the View module. This module is useful as it filters the type, date, author, subject, etc. of the content. It is considered one of the flexible and robust modules. It also has the display suite and the blocker modules which allow you to create page layouts.

Simple entries modules: The use of this module is pretty straightforward. It has certain algorithms through which one can find the relevant content for the readers. This simple enter module works on the MySQL full-text indexing.

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