2019 was the year of ups and downs for the digital marketers. Many trends came into the market; some of them are still prevalent while rest of them got vanished.  The digital marketing keeps bringing the new ways to promote your brand in front of the right audience. After acknowledging the advantages of digital marketing services the entrepreneurs are getting more inclined towards it. You need to give it a thought especially when you aren’t already utilizing the digital marketing tactics. In this blog, we would introduce you to some the latest and the prominent trends in digital marketing in the year 2020.

Amazing Digital Marketing Trends Of 2020

Predictive Marketing

In today’s digital world everything is based on data. We all know that buyers have become smarter than ever. It is impossible to fool them. They make their buying decisions after analyzing everything. You can’t attract new customers for your business if you presenting them product in an unstructured manner. This is where predictive marketing works. It is all about spying on the activities of your target audience. There are many tools and techniques available to do that. You can gain a lot of valuable data from these. Most of the times, people prefer taking leveraging digital marketing solutions online to retain new customers for their business from predictive marketing.

Shoppable Posts

The marketers keep exploring the new and innovative ways to bring new customers to their business. Social media is has become one common medium between marketers and customers. As number of social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. offer options to showcase your products in the most appealing ways. To advertise your products efficiently on these channels you can take social media marketing services from the professionals.

You must have noticed blinking dots on the Instagaram posts. As soon as you would click on these dots it would give you details about the name and the price of the product. These kinds of advertisements are very engaging. According to the recent reports of Instagram it was stated that more 1 billion people around the world use this platform and 90% of them follow shopping brands. Another advantage of these interactive ads is that it would bring so many customers to your sales funnel.

Influencer Marketing

In this past year, we have witnessed the dominance of influencers marketing. Well, it worked so well that it is going to be more prominent this year. Influencers are everywhere on social media and they are actually influencing people’s buying decisions. However, this year we would get some support from micro influencers. Their advertisements to the narrower niche offer better engagement. It has become one cost-effective way to attract customers for you products.

Interactive email marketing

Email marketing is not new. You must have worked with it in your previous digital marketing campaigns. This year it is going to be impactful than ever. The email marketing is considered one of the strongest ways to generate ROI for your business. You just have to deliver the polished and relevant emails to the right audience. It would help you attract new customers for your business.

Summing Up

These are some of the trends of digital marketing you should know in 2020. However, if you need assistance for your campaigns then hire Qdexi technology, a leading digital marketing company in the market place. So, stop waiting and hire them today!