The online presence of any business has become the need of the day. The business can register its presence online through websites. The development of web applications for your business puts you on the internet. The web application should be robust, feature-rich, scalable, appealing. Now the question is which framework to use for developing websites. It is a bit confusing but if you are looking for a PHP application then go for Laravel. It has innovative features and is a rapidly developing application. Web development solutions & services like Qdexi Technologies offers a broad range of custom Laravel Development Service to the clients.

What Is Laravel Development Service?

Laravel is a powerful PHP framework that is used to develop web applications in a simple yet effective way. It is an open-source PHP framework. Laravel helps develop secure, scalable and maintainable web applications. Laravel is a widely known tool for PHP development. It is specifically known for developing websites of different sizes, ERP and CRM solutions, e-commerce solutions, integrating third-party API into software solutions.

There are many features of Laravel that makes it possible to create a small website to large enterprise solutions. Some features are session management, easy routing, authentication, caching, flexibility and unit testing. Many developers had an improved experience by using Laravel. Laravel development service makes it easy to develop web projects. Let’s look at some of the features developers like about Larvel:

  1. The Most Compelling Feature: Laravel has the best of the features which makes it the top among PHP frameworks to develop web applications. Qdexi Technologies is a web development company, which has a stronghold in website development solutions & services is also involved in web applications using Laravel. Features like easy to write and run unit tests, authentication and flexibility, easy routing approach makes it easy to create any kind of website.
  2. Object Related Mapping: Laravel uses Eloquent ORM to present the tables as classes so that the users can access the data easily and manipulate it.
  3. Command Line Interface (CLI): Laravel is rich in pre-built commands(Artisan), as it provides CLI. With Artisan, the developer does not have to write repetitive codes.
  4. Automatic Testing: Automatic Testing is a key feature of the Laravel framework. This, with Automatic Testing the developers have a portable, virtual development environment.
  5. Database Migration: Migration of databases is very easy in Laravel. The database can be restructured without the data.
  6. Open Source: Laravel being an open-source framework, developing companies will offer better prices for developing your application.
  7. Routing Configuration: Laravel supports different methods to define routes. The user gets flexibility as to which route they want to choose to trigger the app.
  8. Monolog Logging Library: Laravel provides you with an integrated monolog Logging Library and supports several strong log handlers. So now it’s easy to handle errors without solving any issue that occurred in the application.

Why Choose Qdexi For Laravel Development?

These are some of the features that make it compelling to use it to develop web applications. Laravel development service is a must for web applications based on PHP. These services are provided by web development company Qdexi Technologies. Qdexi technology is the leading US-based company. They offer a wide range of services for web designing and development at very budget-friendly prices. You can avail of their services directly through the website.