We all are witnessing how Facebook is constantly evolving to be the best social media platform. It now is being used as the greatest online marketing platform. Undoubtedly, Facebook has taken the digital marketing leads in its own hands. Considering the current usage of this social media platform for marketing, we can say that it is showing no signs of getting down anytime sooner. I think this is more than enough to SMO service provides. So, if you want to stay ahead competitors and retain new customers then here is everything you need to do.

Have you considering using video on Facebook for social campaign? Do you know that almost 8 billion videos are viewed everyday on Facebook? Isn’t that huge? Facebook videos are doing great and you must use them. No matter what size of following you have on the Facebook page, it’s IMPORTANT!

Here are some of the tips, tricks and ideas that can help you increase engagement using Facebook videos. However, if you don’t want to do this then Social Media Strategies Services offered by professionals of Qdexi Technology can help you. So, let’s learn everything about Facebook Videos.

Tips for Facebook Videos to Increase Engagement

Always Create Square Videos

You will be surprised to know that square videos on Facebook outperformed the landscape video. This result were based on reach, views, likes, share and engagement, especially coming through the mobile devices. The majority of people prefer using their smartphones to access the Facebook. So, the square videos fit in the screen and views can watch it completely.

Attract People within 3 Seconds

It is something like, first three seconds of the video decides whether the user will watch further or not. So, according to the experts you should always use best thumbnails that can attract the attention of audience immediately. Display the best part within video teaser.  The first frame of your video should be geared towards seeking the attention of the viewers. You have to use the best social media strategies for making your video popular.

Work Hard on Captions

Do you know that around 85% of videos on the Facebook are watched without turning up the volume? This means the video caption should speak for itself. The viewers should immediately understand what your video is about. This is only possible when you are writing best captions. Do not forget to use relevant hashtags to gain more views.

Focus on the Major Point

If you want your videos to be more shareable then you must stick to the point. Do not distract the viewers by other things. The interesting, informative and easy to understand videos get more shares and engagement. If you need help with video creation then you can use digital marketing services offered by the professionals.

Craft the Descriptive Title

The title of the video matters a lot. It is recommended by the Facebook that the title of the video should be descriptive as it makes your video more searchable. Facebook provides you with the option to add the title at the time of posting.

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