In some scenario, it could be difficult to get the benefits from the social media platforms. During such situations, it may sound tempting to take a shortcut or hack social media algorithms. But social media hacks for social media algorithms left you with lots of consequences. In order to understand it, you need to start from the beginning. When social media services came into view it held out the promise to attract more customers at less time.

What are Social Media Algorithms Hacks?

When we are talking about social media algorithm it is only about algorithm not black hat SEO, unethical tactics or anything that violates the terms and conditions of Google. The social media algorithm hacks refer to the tactics that avoid the regulation on follower growth built into the platform’s algorithms.

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Purpose of Social Media Algorithms

Before going to the consequences part you need to know why these algorithms are created in the first place.

Allure the free reach

Social Media has potential to promote a brand on the large scale for free of cost encouraged several companies to create brand-oriented pages that often created by using analytics and special tools that enable any other company to create a profile.

Content Shock

The social media users increased with the time and at the same time, the quantity of low-quality content also increased. In order to stop this, the social media algorithm was feed to stop this content crisis.

Types of Social Media Algorithm Hacks and the Consequences that Come with Them

In this age of social media algorithm, it is obvious that people will try to hack them in order to get major advantages of social media platforms. Off course, it makes sense to hack the algorithm if it can give your business more customers but if you take out some time to analyse the result of these hacks you might realize it doesn’t worth your time and efforts.

Well-known Social Media Hacks and Their Consequences:

  1.  Buying likes

This is one of the most common yet classic types of social media cheat. In the recent years, the market of fake followers on various social media profiled has increased rapidly. For a start-up and small businesses who are just entering social media platforms, it could be tempting to buy likes at least for the beginning. I won’t say it is not beneficial but the problem is it can harm your brand image more than you think. In case if you get caught which you will surely do sooner or later, your page could get banned forever. At the beginning of your business, you cannot take this much risk. Instead of this, you can hire social media marketing services offered by Qdexi Technology for effective results.

  1. Instagram pods

In Instagram pod group of 20 to 30 people agree to like and comment on each other’s post in order to increase boost the customer engagement and algorithm. As per the social media algorithm if your post can generate engagement then they are more likely to show up in the search engine results. This process makes sense but still, the customer feedback you will get will be useless.

  1. Liking everything on the Twitter

Another social media algorithm hack comes up with the Twitter. After the algorithm feed, you must have noticed that some people are retweeting on every single post they see on twitter. Well, this could be due to twitter algorithm that expands the reach of your content by exposure of tweets. Like other hacks, it doesn’t worth your time and efforts. Rather than this, you should hire Qdexi Technology for their effective SMO services.