As one of the most popular content management systems, Joomla has been winning the hearts of developers all around the world. This open-source and popular CMS offers unhindered access for the creation of feature-filled online applications and websites. There is an immense demand for Joomla development services from the business industries. The entrepreneurs are choosing Joomla for their business website development after learning about its ultimate benefits. This blog shares some of the facts about Joomla that you should know. Let’s learn more about it.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Joomla for Business Website

  • User-Friendly: Joomla is a very user-friendly platform that doesn’t require any kind of technical expertise to handle content delivery. The rigid application content management system makes it easier for the users to create the add-ons into the website according to the requirements. Another reason why it is the better option is that Joomla has more than 65 translation packs that support multilingual content management. It has so many extensions for getting complete access to your files.
  • Easy Accessibility: Start-up owners are not skilled to write the codes then you can hire web development services. They can easily access their site. They can log into the account, get details about the visitor and other relevant statistics. As the popular CMS, you can also add content and edit it as many times as you want. There is no need for the HTML coding experience to implement any kind of code. So, you can rush to the experienced Joomla development company for maintenance and updates in your website. This is the prime reason which makes Joomla a preferred CMS for most of the start-up websites.
  • Easily Extendible: Joomla is the rich content management system that allows the incorporation of the components, plugins, modules, templates and other important elements. You can make changes in the source code of these components prioritizing your preferences. The directory of this platform has various extensions that increase the potential of the website. It has so many high-quality templates with Graphical User Interface which means they can be customized. Joomla has built-in extendible functions for custom layouts, language overrides, custom CSS, template and many more.
  • Best features to deal with security related issues: Joomla comes with the built-in secure layers that can protect your website from security threats. This content management system comes with CSRF protection features. The extensions of this CMS give additional security to your platform. It comes in the form of captchas, sanctuary from SQL injections, XSS attacks and many more. It is highly secure and you can also get the frequent updates in the latest versions.
  • A powerful platform for search engine optimization: Joomla has a special feature for the creation of the SEO-friendly websites. This CMS has Metadata and keywords with the mod that rewrites support for search engine friendly URLs. Whenever you add content, this automatically generates the alias for default PHP string which includes a link for both the users and search engines.

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