The mobile application industry is reshaping businesses for many years. Irrespective of the business domain, all organizations should integrate the newest mobile app development technologies for maximum growth and reach their targeted audience. The mobile app industry is growing at a fast pace. Implementing the appropriate mobile app development strategies will not assure you success, you have to incorporate state-of-the-art trends in mobile applications. To achieve this purpose, businesses should use mobile application development services.

Explore the Top Mobile App Development Trends

Beacon Technology:- Beacon Technology is a mobile app development trend that is used by industries including hotels, museums, healthcare, etc. It is used greatly in proximity marketing and location technology and regular users can use it quickly due to its easy use. This technology uses Bluetooth technology for sending signals. Beacons are useful when they are merged with IoT. Some of the trends are as follows:

  • Automated machine learning
  • AI-enabled chips
  • Beacon treasure hunting
  • Mobile payment beacons

5G Wireless Services:- 5G technology shall be of great importance. The speed 5G network can be 100 times faster compared to the 4G network. By the end of 2020, there shall be a shift from 4G services to 5G wireless networks. Apart from speed, 5G services shall meet other functionalities including:

  • 3D gaming
  • Speed
  • Data security
  • Augmented Reality

ML and AI:- Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionary technologies. AI is a buzzword these days in mobile app development. AI-enabled apps such as Hound is the smartest and fastest voice assistant app. AI is highly useful and promotes user engagement. The continued trend of ML and AI utilization in mobile apps shall be increased in the future. ML is a subfield of AI and it powers language translation, image recognition, sentiment, and general pattern recognition. Adopting machine learning shows how effective are its algorithms, techniques, and frameworks to solve problems.

VR/AR:- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can change the experiences of customers. The market for AR and VT is increasing. Several applications of VR and AR are there in each technology including healthcare, social media apps, education, and mobile apps development. Google has launched an AR feature related to Google Maps that offers users directions from the camera phones.

The IoT Integration :- The fundamentals of the IoT or the Internet of Things are familiar in the mobile application sector. It has diverse applications and thus can be considered a future trend. The IoT is evolving in a big way. When people use this technology, they can control non-IT equipment through apps or remote controls. The convenience is an important part of the life of users that helps developers keep the apps IoT friendly.

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