While considering the benefits are necessary, it is also important to evaluate the PHP-based framework on the basis of advantages, disadvantages and other crucial things enterprises should know about the Zend development services. From the past few years, organizations have started to move toward the PHP systems to develop websites and create applications. Zend framework often known as ZF brought some of the drastic changes in the PHP development world. Right opposite to the traditional development approach, Zend allows developers to create premium quality PHP-based websites and solutions. Today, in the PHP world, Zend is highly preferred by developers across the world to create the most powerful websites and there are numbers of solid facts that are supporting this statement.

Advantages of the Zend Framework

The major advantages Zend framework includes:

  • Extended classes

Zend- an open source is completely object-oriented and consequently follow-ups various object-oriented concepts such as inheritance, interfaces and more. This gives the freedom to developers to extend the component to a whole new level. Furthermore, this allows developers to implement their own versions or variations of every component without breaking into the coding web. Customization like this brings the best out of each project.

  • Object orientation

When working with the Zend framework, everything needs to be seen as an object. However, this also backfires by making the entire coding process more complicated. This, on the other hand, makes the codes reusable and cut down the burden developers are feeling due to the complexity of the code writing process.

  • Support of database and MVC components

Zend framework offers support for most of the prevalent databases like Oracle, IBM DB2, and MySQL. The framework also includes the model view controller (MVC) design pattern that are commonly used in most of the website development process. MVC has its special place in the developing world due to its ability to separate the user presentation from the application layer and data logic. This makes the web development process more seamless. Often enterprises hire PHP MVC development service for business to make the development process more effective and efficient.

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Disadvantages of the Zend Framework

The framework is no doubt a blessing to the developers but despite the benefits, there are some cons related Zend framework that should take into consideration before making the final decision.

  • Getting started is not easy with the Zend framework

Unlike other PHP-based frameworks, Zend is actually huge and heavy. This means, starting up with the framework is not a piece of a cake. The amazing features and functionalities come from the large volume of libraries, classes and components that contributes to loading time. Zend is not easy to adapt and it may take some time to learn how to work around with the framework.

  • Lack of sources for beginners

Enterprises need to understand that Zend lacks the sources that are necessary for beginners. This takes out the framework from the list of easy to learn PHP frameworks. This is probably due to the features and components the framework contains but as for beginners it works as a disadvantage. They might need to hire Zend development service or tutorials to understand how does it work.

Every framework has its own advantages and disadvantages and the same is applicable to the Zend framework. But with the number of advantages, the disadvantages are negligible. However, if you still have any doubts about hiring Zend development services, then feel free to consult with Qdexi Technology.