The Internet has transformed the way how people interact with each other. The world tend to run on the mobile application these days. Mobile applications have gained immense popularity these days, especially the social networking applications. People prefer spending majority of their time on these applications that enables them to interact with the world.

Even the businesses have started using social networking app development services as a valuable tool to gain maximum exposure for their businesses through mobile applications.

Do you know there are more than 2.2 Million Applications available on the Apple App Store and 2.8 Million applications on Google Play Store? So many of these applications are social networking ones. It can be that hard to develop a social mobile application but creating one that actually adds value to the business can be extremely challenging.

This blog walks you through the social features that should be integrated to your application to engage more and more users with it. Let’s get started!

Important Social Media Features You Need for Mobile Application

Integrate Social Media

It has become mandatory for mobile application to integrate social media so that users can seamlessly sign in to your application. The users must have option to login using social media profiles such as Facebook, Gmail, etc. Eliminate the process where users have to type the username and password to login to your social media application. We all are familiar with the popularity of Facebook. Logging via Facebook is one of the easiest option you can provide the users. This is because 82% of people regularly use Facebook. Another benefit of integrated social media on boarding is that it also allows you to collect important information of the users such as email addresses, contact number, interest, etc.

Easy Customizations

If you want your business application to become popular among users then you must allow users to customize their profiles. They should have option to update their profile, create bios, and upload profile picture. This will increase the credibility for your application. The users profile can be one important tool for your business application and you can collect valuable data through these profiles. You can take native android application development services from the experts for this.

Maximum-Level Security

The security is the most important element for your mobile applications. With the applications storing sensitive and personal information such as debit and credit card details, it is important to maintain the security of the applications. There can be many potential issues related to security that you should take care of. If your application is not completely secure then users will hesitate to access it. Therefore, make sure that your application is keeping users data secure.

Push Notifications

The notifications can increase engagement on your mobile applications.  By integrating push notifications you can boost retention and reach users regularly. You can tell them about the exciting deals, offers and new launch. The push notification can be used for keeping your customers updated about everything happening inside your app. This is will also encourage them to access your application.

Summing Up

Social features are important to keep the users engaged with your mobile application. If you are still unsure whether developing an application is worthwhile investment or not then its best to take assistance from the experts.

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