What is Magneto?

Magneto is a shopping cart software and content management system. It is an open source e-commerce platform. It is written in PHP, using multiple frameworks of PHP. The original developers of the software are Varien Inc., a US private company. Later, the CEO of Varien Inc., sold a share of the company to eBay. The company was completely acquired by eBay and sold to Permits. It was further sold to Adobe May 2018. Qdexi Technology provides Magneto Development Service to professionals and  developers. This service is extended for non developers too.

Lakhs of online stores have been created on Magneto platform. In Nov 2015, Magneto 2015 was released.

So basically, Magneto is an e-commerce platform built on open source technology. It provides online merchants with online shopping cart system with control over its look, functionality and content. The tools offered by Magneto are Search Engine Optimization, Catalogue Management Tools and powerful marketing.

A variety of themes and plugins to increase customer experience are provided by Magneto. It is designed to be utilised as an application by any non developer.

Enhanced Features from Magneto software

Many new trends are coming in 2021 w.r.t. Magneto. E-commerce retailers are busy finding new ways to get ahead of their customers. Cause in this pandemic, online shopping is the only way out. New techniques to sell products online is needed. Because, once the customer clicks your website and explores its products, you always want them to not leave without buying something or the other.

Let’s Find Out What’s in Store for eCommerce owners

  1. Voice Search for e-shopping: Currently about 20% of people use voice search during e-shopping. The number is expected to rise to 50%. Voice search has become a very popular way to search a particular commodity on an e-shopping site. With the advent of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, voice search has gone to another level. Artificial intelligence will further revolutionize online shopping experience.
  2. The Chatbot help: These chatbots are used in the interaction with the customers and they have particularly evolved in 2020, filling in for humans. Magneto is a step forward as it provides plugins and extensions with chatbots. At present 85% of human interaction is taken care by chatbots
  3. AR/VR Experience: Magneto is all ready to provide a blasting audio and video experience using cutting edge AI technology. It no doubts increases retailers’ reach to its audience. With AR and VR Technology augmented with e-commerce, customers will have real-time experience. The product will itself prompt the customer to buy it. Yielding audio-video technology will be one of the prominent features of Magneto.

There are many trends that Magneto will feature in the coming times. These features will always keep the e commerce platform ahead of times. To get assistance in an eCommerce development service company you always rely on Qdexi Technology.