When it comes to the launching of the new business or a product, every step you take is crucial. You must have noticed that most of the startup fails because they didn’t get their product or service right to the market.  Therefore, it is necessary to systematically validate your product on the landing pages to increase the conversion rate of your business.

As we all know that the landing page is the standalone web page. These pages are developed majorly for the marketing and advertising campaigns. This is the page which appears when the visitor clicks on Google AdWords or any other similar advertisement. This web page immediately responds as soon as visitor click on the marketing promotion, marketing emails, PPC advertisements, SEO search results, etc.


If you are not aware of this validation process, then you must consider taking professional help before jumping to any task. Qdexi Technology is the company that can provide you sufficient help for validation of product idea using landing pages. You can hire their digital marketing services anytime you want. However, in this blog, we would share some crucial information about this validation. But first, it is important to understand the meaning of minimum viable product (MVP).

What is the MVP?

The Minimum viable product is a new version of the product that allows you to gather the maximum amount of validated learning about the customers using minimum efforts.

How to Validate Your Product Idea?

  • Creation of landing page: Before beginning anything you must ensure that your product or idea is solving the problem of your targeted audience. Then the major thing you need to focus on is to create a landing page for your product. You must ensure that your landing page is fast loading and runs quickly. In addition to this, you should make sure that it speaks clearly with your audience. There is a need for describing your products and their benefits. You have to provide the features of your product. Use the simplified and understandable description of the product with a headline and its general description. While doing the validation test it is important landing page features like the A/B testing, analytics, and working forms, etc. It would give you valuable insights for creating your MVP and marketing strategy.
  • Driving Traffic: Once you have successfully established everything on the landing pages, then you can work on bringing significant traffic too them. There are two major avenues for doing that, Facebook ads and Google Adwords. You can also consider where most of your potential customers come from.  You must focus on the conversion of the people who are actively searching for the product or service that you are offering. After evaluating everything you can invest a significant amount in paid search campaigns.
  • Increase the conversion rate: If you want to increase the conversion rate then you must provide some value to your potential customers on your landing page. You must offer them something valuable in return for their money. It would help you maximize the conversion rate through landing pages.

Using these ways for the validation of your product idea on the landing pages can be very beneficial for you. However, the experts of Qdexi Technology can also help you bring the most effective results for your business through their digital marketing tactics. So do not wait and contact now for more information about their Pay Per Click Advertisement services.