eCommerce UX Audit Services

eCommerce UX Audit Services

Driving Sales and Increasing Customer Retention Through eCommerce UX Audits

An audit of the user experience on your eCommerce site is a quick and dependable method for boosting sales and customer satisfaction. eCommerce UX Audit Services assist you in learning how visitors engage with your site so you can fix the user experience problems that are affecting your conversion rates. To boost return on investment and user happiness, the audit suggests changes to your website’s layout.

At Qdexi Global Solutions LLP, we provide the best eCommerce UX Audit Services. Unlike a traditional UX audit, ours will concentrate more on the technical aspects of your site and provide recommendations for how to implement changes (such as search or layered navigation), technological solutions, and even the usage of capabilities specific to eCommerce platforms. Our audits are one-of-a-kind; thus, we do extensive research that includes our evaluation of essential features and the commissioning of user tests to verify our hypotheses and conclusions.

What is UX in eCommerce?

The fundamental concept behind a normal user experience (UX) design is to put yourself in the shoes of your end consumer in order to determine what it is that will make their buying experience something that is straightforward, rational, and pleasurable.

The user experience in e-commerce, on the other hand, is all about the impression a customer has after engaging with your site, regardless of whether that view is favorable or unfavorable.

Why eCommerce UX Audit Services?

After more than a decade in the e-commerce field, we have seen a recurrent problem: websites that get a lot of visitors but fail to make a sale. However, the solution to this issue is typically found in your site’s user experience, which is something that many organizations and agencies overlook. Our UX evaluation service will assist to uncover this.

Consequently, an increased conversion rate (pleased clients buy more!) is one of the key advantages of a UX audit. Other advantages include the facilitation of the development of a more intuitive and user-friendly online storefront. Some of the key aspects of why eCommerce UX Audit Services are required:

  • You are interested in determining whether or not your website has problems with attractiveness, visibility, or availability, and you need to take the initial step in determining where there is potential for enhancement.
  • You are considering redesigning your shop, which means that you are going to require a reliable basis on which to base excellent, data-driven judgments on design and usability adjustments.
  • Your goal is to increase the level of pleasure experienced by visitors to your site and boost conversion rates.
  • You are constantly looking for methods to make improvements to your shop, and/or you need confidence that their present design is in line with the best practices in the industry and, more significantly, the requirements of their consumers.

Qdexi Technology’s eCommerce UX Audit Process

Check out the steps we take down here. While the final product is our primary concern, we use cutting-edge technology in tandem with established best practices guaranteeing that no details are overlooked and that you get nothing less than a thorough and comprehensive UX analysis.

Evaluation: We will compare the ease of use of your shop to that of your rivals. This will provide you with a quick and easy way to see how your shop stacks up against the competition on the internet and where you need to concentrate your efforts to come out on top.

Heuristic Review & Analysis: Following the discovery of usability problems, we’ll provide specific solutions and commentary. The comprehensive site analysis will uncover all possible improvement areas across all page types (including product pages, product listings, shopping carts, and more).

Scanning For Information: We’ll use analytics tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar to learn more about your usual consumer demographics, shopping habits, and in-store experiences. Investigate your typical shoppers to learn more about them, the ways they are drawn to your establishment, and their impressions of the purchasing experience.

User Profiles & Traffic Flows: The most representative kind of consumer will serve as the basis for our user personas. We can learn about client motivations and the most frequent shopping routes with the use of personas. Figure out what your users want most and make it easy for them to get it.

Flow Usability Analysis: Pursuing the most frequent in-store routes of specified personas allows you to understand which customer groups have the greatest difficulty while fulfilling their objectives, as opposed to the prior heuristic research, the purpose of which was to uncover frequent usability flaws of the shop. Trace your customers’ journeys from the moment they arrive on your site to the moment they either make a purchase or leave (with a bounce) and learn from their actions.

Why Choose Qdexi Technology’s eCommerce UX Audit Services?

Qdexi Technology is an eCommerce marketing agency. We adhere to all the market paradigms in order to help you reach your business objectives. With our UX Site Audit Service, one can rely on our working procedures. Various other factors that set us apart from other

Analysis of User Behavior: Using user experience (UX) research methods, you must first assess the site’s present usability. For instance, you may learn a lot about your user’s behavior and preferences by watching records of their sessions and monitoring their heatmap data in real time. How much they scroll, which links they click on, and generally how they engage with your site may all tell us important information.

Actionable Insights: Our eCommerce user experience audit results will be presented in the form of annotated screenshots that explain your usability issues and to which we will then provide fixes with an eye toward increasing conversions. For this task, we will look at current UX best practices and examples from top-performing eCommerce Solution.

Prioritization: To help you select the improvements that will have the most significant effect on your company, we will construct an effort-impact matrix. Your immediate and long-term plans should reflect this. It will outline the most effective and least time-consuming modifications you can make for the greatest possible impact. Further, we will establish a schedule for implementing the necessary changes via our tailored ECommerce SEO Services.

Performance: We’ll work with you to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that will provide a smart, actionable approach to tracking your site’s progress toward its goals. Your metrics will be designed specifically for your company and will center on sales, revenue, and new and returning client acquisition.

Post-Audit Services: After we have completed an audit, you will have the option to continue using our UI and UX design services on an as-needed basis. We will leave our screen-recording technology and any analytics programs connected to your site at all times. Then, our specialists will provide you with monthly reports outlining proposed UX changes and assist you in putting them into action.

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