Bounce rate has become such a big deal these days. The numbers of bounce rate usually seems scary. Whenever you will access the Google Analytic to analyze the performance of your website, it is right there. As we know that higher bounce rate is not good for websites and eCommerce websites are no exception. It means that there is something wrong. With eCommerce development services you can fix the design of your website to reduce the bounce rate of the website.

There is no doubt that for eCommerce website bounce rate is one of the essential metric that shouldn’t be ignored at all. At the most basic eCommerce understanding, higher bounce rate might cost you a lot of money because the majority of your potential customers are abandoning your website without even moving ahead towards the conversion funnel.

Reducing the bounce rate can positively impact the performance of your eCommerce website. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to the eCommerce bounce rate and how to completely measure and access the bounce rate. This way you will be able to understand why it is important to focus on the bounce rate of eCommerce website. Let’s begin by understanding the meaning of the bounce rate and how it works for eCommerce websites.

What Does Bounce Rate Means and Why Does It Matters?

A “bounce” can be understood as the activity when user visits and leaves the site immediately without any interaction. The bounce rate of the website demonstrates the percentage of the users who have diverted back from your website. The analytical tools such as Google analytics considers a visitor interacted with a site if they have visited at least a single page of your website. The bounce rate shown in the report of analytical tool is the site-wide bounce rate of the website.

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of the Website?

Make Your Website Fast: If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load then users would abandon it immediately. This means that your website should load within three second. Starting exploring your eCommerce website for the unnecessary elements and remove them to make it fast as possible.

Optimize the Purchase Experience: The users do not like getting confused while making purchases from the website. The visitors should be able to find the call-to-action buttons on your website. After correct placement of CTA you should optimize the buying process on the website. It should neither be too lengthy nor too short. Only ask for essential details. Make the payment gateway secure and clean so that users can seamlessly make purchases. You can hire digital marketing services from the experts if you want to optimize the payment gateway.

Optimize the Product Pages on the Website’: If you have an eCommerce website then consider product pages as your biggest asset. This is the only barrier between your business and targeted prospects. The poorly optimized pages can be one of the major reasons for higher bounce rate. So, optimize your product pages if they aren’t already.

In a Nutshell

Bounce rate is the metric that indeed gets a lot of recognition, but it is clearly too generalized and problematic to be very valuable for eCommerce websites. So, if you think that the bounce rate of your website is way too high then; consider this as an alarming situation.

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