Content Management System plays a significant role in building the website. Well, it is true! If you want to make an effective website, then you must have to take care of the CMS platform. But there are so many who get confused while choosing among Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. They don’t understand what is good for their business and what not. If you are in the same trouble, then no need to worry, just read this blog and get all your answers related to these platforms.

Similarity Among WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal CMS

Before Starting the Difference, let us check out the similarity between these three platforms, have a look:

  • The most common similarity among these three is that they all are free open source software which is licensed under GPL. That means you can easily download this software at free of cost and then you can also do modification as per your choice.
  • A community is developed by these three platforms which comprise its own trainers, developers, volunteers, designers, and users. The communities work altogether to make the best platform by sharing their information about the CMS platforms.
  • Another similarity among these three is they all are based on MySQL and PHP.
  • Plus, they use templates/themes for the extensions/ plugins/ modules for adding special features and functionality.

Introduction- Drupal Vs WordPress Vs Joomla

All these three CMS software platforms were introduced in the early years of the 21st Century. In the year 2001, Drupal was first released by the Dries Buytaert, whereas Joomla & WordPress came into existence in the year 2003, 2005 respectively. Matt Mullenweg introduced Word Press and Mambo team bought up Joomla. In short, you can say that in less than 20 years, CMS technologies have been changed rapidly and created effective websites.

What is Drupal?

The oldest among these CMS platforms is Drupal. It is the 3rd most popular content management system which is using worldwide. As said earlier, Dries Buytaert introduced this platform in the year 2001. More than four percent of websites are formed with the help of the Drupal platform. The main focus of this platform is given on high security, reliable performance, and customization. Today, you can observe that there are millions of websites which are using this oldest platform for making a strong place in the marketplace. Industries which are using this software are blogging, ecommerce, education, government sectors and agencies, and so many other industries.

It is a big open source community which includes millions of highly dedicated & talented editors, trainers, sponsors, developers, designers, strategists and so forth across the world. Adding to that, there are regional meetups and groups who are working in several parts of the countryDrupal development service is essential for every business who want to experience growth and success in the business world.

What is WordPress?

The number one and most popular platform which is widely using by the existing community of business is none other than WordPress. Today 27 % of websites are formed within the WordPress Platform where the market share of CMS is 59%. It was Matt Mullenweg who introduced this platform in the year 2003. You can surely state it as a first blogging software which brings a revolution in the digital world. The reason why entrepreneurs like to choose WordPress is that it offers a user-friendly approach which ultimately gives the benefit. This platform is a simple one and it also called as highly intuitive CMS where even non-coding users can make an effective website without any difficulties. In short, it is good if you are taking WordPress website development service for your websites as their experts help to accomplish your goals more easily.

What is Joomla?

The second most popular CMS platform after WordPress is Joomla. About seven percent of the websites used this platform for making effective websites. Mambo CMS presented their first Joomla Version in the year 2005 to the audience, and it was really appreciated among people. Among all these three platforms, Joomla is the youngest members who have already gained so much fame in a short period of time. No doubt, it is one of the most amazing platforms which is used in creating a website. There are several companies who are using Joomla Platforms like government, business, health care, educational, technology, entertainment and so forth. If you are using Joomla development solutions for business, then you can definitely get so many benefits associated with this platform.

Comparison on the Basis of Ease of Use

  • How to Use Drupal: Easy Usage?

Use Drupal

The first point is Drupal Installation is not a difficult task as most of the companies use this platform in website making as it is easy to install. Secondly, you can make your compelling website by entering slogan (tagline), site name and email address. The dashboard of Drupal is clean and simple with minimum options of layouts. You will get 8 menus in the Drupal Dashboard, these are as follows: Content, Structure, Appearance and so forth where all these sections give different use for the end users. Drupal is still used widely because of the feature of massive flexibility which is somehow disrupted the concept of simplicity. Drupal core software keeps focussing to make CMS secure and strong. You can extend by adding modules into your platform.

  • How to Use WordPress: Easy Usage?

How to use WordPress

Just like Drupal, WordPress offers you the benefit of an easy installation process. You can set up WordPress on different device easily. You just have to add site name and email address, then you can begin your work by starting WordPress site. The dashboard of WordPress is user-friendly and simple which gives you the right options. The dashboard of WordPress includes Home, Updates, Posts, Pages etc.

The dashboard of WordPress looks simple and effective which is quite simpler to use. You can choose the option of customized to make changes in the appearance menu. If you are looking for a plain and sober blogging site, then this is the best for you.

  • How to Use Joomla: Ease of Use?

How to use joomla

The best favour given by Joomla is it is easy to install. Just after you install the Joomla, you can set up the website by configuring. However, the dashboard of this CMS is quite stuffed as compared to WordPress and Drupal platforms. The section included in the Joomla is as follows: Content, Structure, Users, Configurations, Extensions, and Maintenance.

If you look closely, you can observe that apart from the control panel which is in the left sidebar, there are more menus which are present on the top page. There is another additional menu which is called as “component”. You can also get other option in this dashboard such as gallery, banners, messaging, contacts etc.

Conclusion Time: Who is the Winner among Drupal Vs WordPress Vs Joomla

Undoubtedly, WordPress has won the race, if you check out the user-friendliness. This CMS platform is feature filled which offers the best solutions to the clients. You can certainly use WordPress for making your website. However, the runner up is Joomla. If you have patience and enough time to prosper your business, then you can go with Joomla. Lastly, you must go with Drupal if you are fantastic in web development. Now you got your conclusion. It becomes easier for you to choose the right one for your business. But make sure you are hiring responsive web designing company who can fulfil all your demands and meet the expectations of your potential customers.

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