The technology has got so advanced these days and it has compelled business enterprises to use the potential of content management systems. It can be complicated to choose the right when there are so many options available. Even though there is immense demand for the Drupal development services but this doesn’t mean that Adobe Experience Manager. This blog is going to be about the comparison of Drupal and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). We are going to talk about both these platforms to explain how these CMS can open up the door of possibilities for the modern business. This will help you choose the best. Let’s get started with this.

A Fair Comparison between Adobe Experience Manager and Drupal

About Drupal

Drupal is a popular PHP-based and open-source content management system that is preferred globally development websites, web applications and other kind of web portals of all sizes. This content management system come with the specific set online tools. This is why there is immense demand for the Drupal development services. Drupal has a large community that keep working on maintaining the functionality of the CMS.

This is a great option for the medium and large-scale projects. You can use Drupal if you want to localize your website in multiple countries. This CMS will save a lot of development time. It allows the deployment of unnecessary content to the different websites.

It allows website owners to utilize the functionality and flexibility of the platform to fulfil the development needs. In a nutshell, Drupal has everything that allow users to efficiently manage both the server and client side of their web portal. Apart from this, you can be completely sure that right online experience is being delivered to the visitors. You can hire website development services from the professionals to make the most out of it.

About Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is ideal for the large organizations who are looking for the comprehensive, powerful, and robust content management systems. This platform allows you to manage multiple websites and translations. If you are looking for the content management system that can be integrated with other systems then AEM is perfect option for you. This includes analytics, email marketing, audience targeting and some other kind of important add-ons such as chatbots and adobe smart tags.

Adobe Experience Manager is little expensive that has steep learning curve. This is why it is not the recommended for the smaller companies and for those who don’t need any kind of robust system. This cannot be integrated with special tools for digital marketing. Those who are looking for the more affordable solution then it is best to go for basic options such as WordPress or Joomla.

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