In this modern age when Google is playing a huge role, SEO marketers are struggling with the thought that is it really safe to disavow website links? Another question that automatically appears with this if it is saved to disavow, then when you should do it? Although such topics are scary for many webmasters, it needs to be answered properly. While the majority of them are just scared of the disavow tool many don’t want to take risk of disavowing the links. Well, they all need to understand one important thing – when it comes to Google, it does everything with a specific purpose. This means there is indeed a purpose behind creating and maintaining the disavow tool. So, here we are about to cover the scenarios where you might need to use Google’s disavow tool. However, you can also hire an SEO service in the USA to cut the hassle.

Where You Can use Google’s Disavow Tool?

Now right before you jump into the main scenarios, you need to understand one thing – the majority of the sites don’t need to disavow anything at all! Overall these years, Google has finally learned what links it can simply ignore. In fact, it was the main objective behind launching the Penguin algorithm update.

Before the Penguin came into the light, you had to disavow links at any cost but right after the Penguin the Google begin to simply ignore the most of bad links.  Emphasis the term “Most” Google doesn’t ignore all of the bad links. Plus, there are some risks using the disavow tool as it can also disavow good links at default.

This is one of the biggest problem faced by many webmasters as they still cannot determine which links Google consider as good or bad. So, there is a whole lot of discussion left over Google’s disavow tool. So, what you need to understand that good links with strong DA and link profile are immune to the disavow. This means if your profile is not healthier than you may need to reconsider your decision to disavow.

What are The Good Candidates for The Disavow Tool?

Yes, if you have the manual penalty, then you will be considered as a good candidate for the disavow tool. Now, right after the Penguin update the cases of manual penalties have decreased but it is not properly vanished and exist. Of course, it is not the only scenario here.

Recently a hangout conversion between Marie Haynes and John Mueller published where Marie Haynes asked: “are there any situations other than the penalty that can hurt you algorithmically?” In response, John Mueller said, “if you really want to disavow dodgy links, then it can help Google to trust your link. However, you don’t have a healthy website from the very beginning and have a few links and most of them are already dodgy, then you don’t have enough to fall down. So, disavowing the dodgy links can certainly help Google to trust your links a bit more.

However, you can certainly hire the professional digital marketing service to gain further information about the disavow.

That’s enough for today. we will further continue this topic in the next blog until then you can visit Qdexi Technology for more updates.

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