As digital marketing trends change each year according to the preferences of the online customer, marketers should be aware of the latest marketing trends to adopt new technologies to stay ahead in the competition. Staying up to the trend give companies an edge in the emerging competition and enable them to develop new ways to grow their business, generate sales leads, and improve the relationship with the current customers. In the previous blog post “Digital Marketing – Modern Day Market to The World” we have discussed two digital marketing trends namely artificial intelligence and voice search with the role of the digital marketing agency.

2018 was a year of augmented reality, video content, influencer marketing, and video content. Now, 2019 is here and you are still wondering “what does this year have for me?” Rather than setting back in the corner with a mischievous look, this is the year to adopt new opportunities and technologies to rise and shine in the market. “Where to start from?” Well, you can start improving your marketing strategy to generate the desired outcome with top digital marketing trends given below.

Top Digital Marketing Trends That Worth a Shot


  • Chatbots are on the top of the list

Yes! You got it! The chatbot is at the top of the list of digital marketing trends. Most of the readers must be aware of the Chatbot and may be interacted with the few already. Based on the artificial intelligence Chatbot are used to send real-time messages to chat with the website visitors. This way owners can attend the curious visitors even when they are not present at the moment. It is no doubt exciting era in the conversational interface as it approaches customers with the engaging conversation, helps them to get the answers of the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

It has been observed that customers prefer interacting with the chatbots as they are responsive, accurate, full of patience, and entertaining. These are more than enough reasons for using chatbots.

  • Augmented and virtual reality

Ads based on the augmented reality are in the trend nowadays and the majority of the top marketers are considering to use it in their applications to provide a more realistic experience.  IKEA and L’Oreal are the examples of brands who have successfully used augmented reality in their applications and managed to improve the customer experience. With augmented and virtual reality, customers can visualise their products before buying purchasing them.

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The augmented and virtual reality is not a new trend as we have already seen this in 2018. However, the augmented reality and virtual reality markets are expected to reach $209.2 billion at the end of 2019.

  • Engagement-based email marketing

Have you witnessed a change in the promotional emails you receive on a day-to-day basis? Yes! You’ve got it! With each passing day, email marketing is getting smarter. These changes are far different from the search engine optimization service. Marketers have started observing the preferences of the subscribers who are active on their list. For instance, if the subscriber regularly engages with your emails then, he should be nurtured with the regular content until he finally converts. Marketers are considering using attractive banners, simple text and colours to convert more subscriber through email marketing.

2019 has just begun and trends that are expected to emerge this year and will further continue till 2021.

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