The evolution of the marketing is underway as we spend more time on the smartphones, tabs and laptops. The challenge of reaching the target audience through the latest devices in a short period of time and create campaigns that can work across the social networking platforms, serving the advertising objective.

The New Year is kicked on and approaching digital marketing concepts including SEO, social media marketing, PPC, content marketing and more. Digital marketing is about to witness a huge shift in the core concepts and searches. There was a time when people merely considered artificial intelligence let alone using it for the day to day task but that is long gone.

There are many new digital marketing strategies and technologies that are currently playing a role in evolving the online marketing and business need to make a reputed image in that market to succeed in their efforts because it is all about time, maybe things that worked in the last year may not work in the New Year.

Why do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy This Year?

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Every second business organization in the market is looking forward to investing in the digital marketing agency since they know how vital digital and mobile channels today. In order to run and grow in the market, businesses are required to go beyond their brick and mortar store. Successfully running the advertising campaign is no longer putting ads on the television on the radio. These days, social media marketing and search engine optimization service have become the new faces of digital marketing.

Notably, according to the conducted survey, 24% of the global marketers revealed that social media and search engine are an important part of their marketing campaigns for the last 5 years.

To stay updated, businesses are required to keep up the latest marketing trends. Social media marketing agency like Qdexi Technology always research tirelessly to develop new strategies that can help companies to engage with the customers.

Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Avoid in 2019


After doing research on the digital marketing, its core concepts and upcoming changes we have come up with the digital marketing trends that will pay big in 2019.

  • Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of science-frictional movies but has become a real-life concept that we use to run day to day errands. For now, Artificial intelligence is not going to take over the world! But it will surely take over the search engines. The AI can analyse and record the data like consumer behaviour, search patterns and information from the social media networking platforms that will help businesses to know how users are accessing their products and services. This makes AI an important marketing strategy of 2019.

  • Voice search

As more and more people are using the internet, the use of voice search and voice command is rapidly increasing. Voice assistants are able to perform tasks that were impossible for them in 2012. In the U.S alone, the number of voice assistance is expected to increase by 128.9% in 2019. However, the growth is a positive sign but it has certainly become challenging for businesses to optimize their web pages to rank higher on the search results. They need to come up with the content that can resolve the queries of the consumers.

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