WordPress is one of the strongest content management systems available out there. This can be simply installed and configured. But sometimes an unexpected error can cause troubles such as error establishing a database connection. It can make your WordPress website or blog inaccessible to the users.

Whenever this error occurs, it’s recommended to hire the WordPress development services from the experts to fix it. However, in this blog, I am going to talk about this error and why this occurs. Other than that, you’ll also find some ways that can help you debug your WordPress website. Let’s learn more about it.

Understanding “Error Establishing Database Connection”

To understand the cause of this error, it is important to understand the mechanism of WordPress which is written in two major technologies – MySQL and PHP. PHP is a language that manages the logic part of WordPress. On the other hand, MySQL manages the data storage of the website. It includes the user details, data related to the content, blog post, and plugins. When PHP fails to connect with the MySQL for the retrieving data and its storage then it would not be able to access the website correctly. This is the reason why PHP shows “Error Establishing Database Connection” message.

What Could be the Possible Causes of this Error?

  • Due to the MySQL database, corruption occurs database fails to establish the connection. As soon as PHP tries to connect to a corrupted table or database, it displays the error message.
  • The incorrect username, password, or MySQL server location cause authentication error which is one of the possible reasons for this error.
  • Another cause for this error can be the corrupter files in your WordPress. When files are corrupted they fail to respond appropriately and it ultimately results in a database connection error.
  • If the server powering your MySQL data is down then PHP also fails to make the connection and it shows the error message.

Simple Fixing Techniques to Deal with “Error Establishing Database Connection”

Check your WordPress Database: You can begin by ensuring that your database connection is not corrupted. With the help of the WordPress administration, you can simply determine whether the error is occurred by a corrupted database or not.

Check the Plugins and Themes: When WordPress file gets corrupted then it could result in error warnings. For instance: if you have updated the theme or any plugin on WordPress then this could collapse the entire database. To deal with this you can hire web development services from professionals.

Contact The Web Hosting Company: Even after updating the MySQL details if it is still not connecting with your database then there are chances that your web hosting is causing the problem. You can contact the service administrator to talk to the technical support staff.

Restore Default Files: The core of WordPress can get corrupted for variants of reasons. This occurs when a hacking attempt is made on the website or you tired make modifications. Whatever the reason is, you must gain access to the native files on WordPress.

Having Tough Time Fixing Connection Error?

These are some of the simple things you can do to fix the error. I hope this guide helps you. However, if you are still facing any kind of errors then it is suggested that you should take a professional helping hand. Qdexi Technology is the leading web development company in the USA with a team of expert WordPress developers. You can ask their experts to fix any kind of error in your WordPress website. Feel free to reach out to them.