As a blogger, you should publish your blog every once in a while to keep your readers. But writing quality content is not easy, right? You have to choose a topic which is not outdated or random, collect lots of information, write in down by following an engaging approach and finally go through lots of editing and proofreading. That is the reason why you should find the best content writing service tools and stick to them until the very end.

There is no doubt that content marketing is a challenging task not everyone can accomplish. Once you have achieved the name in the field, you should be ready to perform different duties at the same time. It is not just because you don’t write well but because you need to adept at the social media, marketing, and even the web designing solution. For the beginning, you can start writing on the daily basis. In case, if it feels difficult to keep up with the daily writing schedule then you can take online 30 days writing challenge, to keep yourself moving.

Now the question that arises here is how are you supposed to tell which tool is good and which one is bad? Do not worry, to simplify the process we have already made a list of content writing tools you should be using in 2018. These tools will not only help you to polish your writing skills but also avoid repetition of the post on social media.

Topmost Content Writing Tools of 2018

  • Create more idea with Idea flip:

    There is one thing which is common in all blogger is they come across an idea and start writing content around it. This could consider as a good option but not an ideal one. Just opposite of this Ideaflip gives you an interactive platform where you can write down, develop and even manage your ideas. The UI design of the tool removes the visual constraints, you know what does it mean? It means you are free to do anything that helps your idea to turn into quality content.


  • Organize your research with OneTab:

    Does your Google chrome look like the above image during the research process? Well, you are not the first one who opens multiple tabs while setting down to do the research work. But opening multiple tabs on the chrome can slow down the performance of your computer device. The OneTab is the best solution in such a situation. The tool will convert all your open tabs into a single list of links which will be less taxing on your computer devices. Another benefit of using OneTab is you can save and open multiple tabs without any glitch.


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  • Write perfectly with Grammarly:

    Grammarly is one of the best online editing tools today. Anyone from beginner to expert writer can use it easily. All you have to do is post your content select some categories and bang! It will look after all the grammar and spelling errors. The Grammarly also suggest possible changes you can do to optimize your content and make it readable. You should make a habit to check your content on the Grammarly to avoid silly mistakes.


  • Create your tutorial with Loom:

    Nowadays, everyone using tutorial video to explain some difficult points of their content but how can you optimize this in your content. Loom is the free online easy to use tool for creating the tutorial videos. Plus, it also helps to create a separate page for each video tutorial without any problem.


All of the above online writing tools will not only save time but also improve the quality of content. Experience with them to find more.