Blog design serves as a bridge between the form and functionality. It is logical to say that emerging technology has a huge influence over the new trends be it; electronic systems, browser programs, web design or programming libraries available in the market. To fulfill the recent aspiration of web designs, graphic designers are going beyond expectations, influencing the core principles of web design.

Merged with the technology, these web designs has created a real turning point in the world of web designs. Today, it is not hard to know what is trendy. Just roam around a few top-notch websites and you will surely end up detecting few web designing trends. Now, what matters the most is to understand what and whys of the web design trends’ emergence and adoption.  Because at the end of the day trends teach us a lot about the taste, preferences, likes, dislikes and culture of customers. The closer we will get the more we can learn. With all these things in mind let’s move forward to see the trends that have made a place in the history.

Top Web Design Trends of 2019


  • 3 dimension illustration

Just when you start thinking that the future is flat, it starts throwing a brand new-fashioned 3 dimension illustration. Designers are looking forward to adding in-depth and realism graphics to blur out the boundaries between the physical and digital world. The concept of 3D illustration sharpens the contrast between digital products and human beings. Even so, it leaves the viewers into the imaginary space where they could define the difference between the two worlds. Off course, today, it feels like a mere trend or incremental evolution but in future, you can have the glimpse of the more realistic web portal.

  • Designs for separate screens

Separate screens have brought the evolution in mobile-oriented designs. If you have the latest smartphone then, it may have a separate screen feature. This feature allows users to divide the mobile screen into two equal parts. This is something we all are expecting to witness more and more in 2019. This new concept reminiscent the traditional designs while giving them a natural side of the web design. It is a flexible trend: users can run two websites side by side to compare the functionally and other features.

  • Vintage colours are on the top

In recent years, the web design market has faced the dominance of the various colour combinations. For instance; in 2018, web designs have been dominated by the grey and light grey wallpaper and in 2017, designs have been dominated by the white and black combination. Now in 2019, web designs are about to be dominated by bright and vintage colours.

Even though, for professional web designing experts, it is not easy to choose the colour combination for your website as it can be directly and indirectly influenced by many things. It includes colour psychology, brand, and personal taste, the market in which the company is operating and existing colours.

The above web designs trends are just the teaser of web designs movie you are about to see in 2019.  To prepare your website to cope with these trends, you can hire best website designing services from the Qdexi Technology- the leading web design and development Company situated in the USA.